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Web Designers’ Technique to Create Great Landing Pages

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There are various techniques used by web designers to create top notch landing pages. A landing page is known for being an essential tool for proper traffic and online marketing. This page is one which appears when any advertisement is clicked. These pages are created for subscriptions or selling purposes. They are advertisement link extensions that are clicked on by visitors to any websites. Read More →

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New Web Trends And Different Patterns

Every now and then artistic patterns are given a touch up for a new look. This post discusses several patterns which have been given an artistic touch up, some static ones which are developed on the grid and other dynamic patterns that could be used in animations. Data inspired, generative and animation patterns rule the roost this year. They are the main tools for making web development projects look modern and outstanding. Traditional web trends patterns have been recently given a touch up for a more creative look. They are no longer 8 pixels sized or simple in shape. Most of them have been made into tiny illustrations, sketches and large drawings with several details and colours.
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Web Tools and Services For Developers

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There are several web tools and apps which allow developers to make comprehensive websites which are easy to access, light and provide ample information for a buyer or potential customer to keep coming back to. Design and technology cannot be separated these days and designers rely heavily on software and computers for expressing their creativity. Technology companies on the other hand, rely on good designs for differentiations and distinction from marketing to industrial design. Design makes the virtual world go around.
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