Most oftenly used functions on Magento


Magento is one of the most basic frameworks used by many websites. It is basically a super powerful and difficult CMS. This is essentially crafted on the otherwise competent Zend framework and creating or editing Magento templates is often a rather difficult affair. There are many functions that are used frequently or almost always by developers on the Magento platform. Read More →

10 tips to increase the performance of iPhone apps

iphone app

Want to boost the performance of your iPhone apps? You should look no further than some simple and common tips in this regard. There are many tips which can actually help you get your apps to perform better and speed them up in a manner of speaking. App performance is directly and indirectly linked to your mobile OS and smartphone performance and here is where some of these Read More →

Improve project delivery and client acceptance with Scrum


Scrum has created quite a flutter in the mainstream website development circuit. Many developers and other industry experts have taken to various platforms to express their appreciation for the same in glowing terms. Does it really help? Scrum is one of the most pioneering and innovative Agile methodologies currently in existence. This methodology is essentially flexible, adaptive, swift Read More →

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