The Whys and the How’s of Textures in Web Design

textures custom web design

When it comes to custom web design, textures are pretty important. Textures are way beyond any new fad or trend. They are now regarded as simple yet effective tools for adding new dimensions and greater depth to any website. As a result, textures have to be used responsibly by web developers and designers. Texture has a vital role to play in the highlighting of important website Read More →

Skills for building custom textures in Photoshop


Textures are of immense importance when it comes to giving your photographs and images an irresistible appeal of their own. Come to think of it, textures are present almost everywhere you seek it including all items of daily use, walls, surfaces and more! Textures help give an image an air of familiarity and subsequent attractiveness. Textures now play a vital role in most design jobs and Read More →

Microsoft Windows 10 – What’s New? Get current & latest updates

The All New Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft recently showcased Windows 10 and this may well set the cat amongst the pigeons in the mainstream technology sphere according to experts. Billed as a boon for website development in India and other technological processes, Windows 10 has generated even more news on account of the proposed free upgrade that will be given to Windows 7, Windows Phone 8.1 and Read More →

Know how to create original content in HTML5

creative content in Html5

HTML5 has long been preferred by web developers for the creation and structuring of web content. This is one element that is mostly pre-installed in most browsers. This makes it easy for designers to make ads that can be integrated quite seamlessly with the existing content available. Most browsers are compatible with HTML5 and this is another plus point for developers. Rich Read More →

7 mistakes to avoid in form design

avoid mistake form design

When it comes to web design, form design does play an important part in determining how customers interact with your site as a whole. Forms are almost a necessity for various kinds of websites and you should be careful to avoid certain common design mistakes that can sometimes throw users completely off balance. Filling forms should not be a dreary affair if you can execute Read More →

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