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Continual Input in Mobile Devices – Boon or Curse?

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Mobile devices have not been associated with anything more than casual texting. However, with better software, resolution and screen size, quite a bit of actual work can be achieved through them. There are several techniques and apps which have been intended for this task. There is much productivity through text on a mobile device that can be achieved nowadays. Read More →

Trend and demands in the mobile apps world

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Every company worth its salt has mobile apps available. From ticketing apps to music download to messaging applications, youngsters are downloading possibly everything on their handset. With most cell phone users converting to smartphones, the numbers of download of apps have gone up manifold. They are very convenient because they don’t take much space to run yet give you all Read More →

Why build a mobile app ?

Build a Mobile App

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Mobile apps are some of the best tools for companies and it is basically an application that runs on a mobile device. An app is geared towards a specific function and valid examples include navigation, calendars and games. Most apps make use of the processor embedded into the device they are usually incorporated into. Apps usually come with multiple features and interactive Read More →

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