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New Web Trends And Different Patterns

Every now and then artistic patterns are given a touch up for a new look. This post discusses several patterns which have been given an artistic touch up, some static ones which are developed on the grid and other dynamic patterns that could be used in animations. Data inspired, generative and animation patterns rule the roost this year. They are the main tools for making web development projects look modern and outstanding. Traditional web trends patterns have been recently given a touch up for a more creative look. They are no longer 8 pixels sized or simple in shape. Most of them have been made into tiny illustrations, sketches and large drawings with several details and colours.
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25 Cool Animations which cannot be missed

animation web design

There are truckloads of things that can be done with proper CSS animation. There are several creative text based effects and other things that can now be done with CSS animation. There are several cool and trendy animations that you should definitely not miss. Read More →

Advantages of ASP Dot NET Development Framework

ASP .NET Development

asp .net development

The ASP Dot Net web development framework offers multiple advantages for programmers and .Net Developers. ASP basically translates into Active Server Pages and has been created by Microsoft for building web applications and pages that are dynamic in nature. ASP is a useful cog in the wheel for .Net development. ASP is a very useful tool for custom web development and will benefit software programmers immensely. It is majorly made use of for creating web pages Read More →

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