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New Web Trends And Different Patterns

Every now and then artistic patterns are given a touch up for a new look. This post discusses several patterns which have been given an artistic touch up, some static ones which are developed on the grid and other dynamic patterns that could be used in animations. Data inspired, generative and animation patterns rule the roost this year. They are the main tools for making web development projects look modern and outstanding. Traditional web trends patterns have been recently given a touch up for a more creative look. They are no longer 8 pixels sized or simple in shape. Most of them have been made into tiny illustrations, sketches and large drawings with several details and colours.
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How are E-commerce website developed differently?

Ecommerce websites have become popular and gained in size in the past ten years. Firms like Flipkart and Amazon now rule the roost and newer sites too are gaining visitors rapidly. However, only a handful of these websites take into consideration the different UX required for e-commerce websites. If you are thinking of e-commerce website development, then here are a few things that you will have to consider.

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Most oftenly used functions on Magento


Magento is one of the most basic frameworks used by many websites. It is basically a super powerful and difficult CMS. This is essentially crafted on the otherwise competent Zend framework and creating or editing Magento templates is often a rather difficult affair. There are many functions that are used frequently or almost always by developers on the Magento platform. Read More →

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