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MS SharePoint Integration services company

Gartner report calls SharePoint “the most widely used document- and collaboration-centered platform.”

SharePoint is a full-featured suite of many different apps. These include:
  • content management

  • enterprise social networking

  • intranet, extranet and portal creation

  • collaboration tools

  • project and workflow management

  • business intelligence

  • enterprise search

Companies use SharePoint to do many different things, or to do the same thing in many different ways. For example, one team may set up an online portal with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box look and feel, while another puts the effort into making that portal match the rest of the company’s web presence.

SharePoint contains many applications that can be set up in many ways. We can define how the platform can be used to suit your requirements.

sharepoint consulting services

Our Competencies

SharePoint consulting, design and development projects that are our specialty.

For example, business users can install the software piecemeal, choosing only the bits and pieces they plan to start with. Years later, IT may have to “clean up” the platform by re-installing and reconfiguring SharePoint in a more organized, enterprise way.

Business users can draw on SharePoint’s tools to develop mini-apps for team members. But these users are not likely trained in best practices in software development, so these homegrown apps may be riddled with unpredictable bugs.

Troubleshooting any SharePoint outage takes time. And meanwhile, mission-critical work may grind to a halt. Without SharePoint, users may not be able to finish proposals, send out invoices, or interact with customers.

It’s fair to say that maintaining SharePoint takes special expertise. But not every IT team has this expertise or can keep up-to-date with such a sprawling application. This is where we get in.

“By the time a system engineer in an enterprise has to go back and do something in a SharePoint environment, three, six or nine months may have gone by since they last touched it,” says DeVerter. “What you don’t use, you lose—whether it’s SharePoint or anything else.”

It may not be realistic to expect your IT team to support such a major application by themselves. In fact, analysts say these unrealistic expectations create a considerable amount of pain among enterprises using SharePoint.

We can help assist your IT team in building, upgrading and maintaining your SharePoint application and development projects.

Hire Resources or Teams

At WDI we have a team of SharePoint developers and designers who can work as per your business requirements to deliver desired outputs. Our programmers are certified Microsoft Professionals and undergo regular training on emerging tools and trends.

Most developers have very good knowledge of MVC, Visual Studio, .NET Framework and MS SQL Server which helps them complete the programming and troubleshooting tasks faster.

You can hire a dedicated programmer or a team of developers as per the need of your project.

View our Pricing Policy and contact our sales team for further discussions about you requirements.

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