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Start creating the project you’ll be proud of!

Think, Create and Build with the right software development Company.

We provide you with effective and exceptional web design and development services appropriate budget and on-time delivery. Choosing the right set of tools and technologies, we deliver good looking, fast and secure websites.

Our web designs procrastinate bugs and allow smooth functioning of the services, delivering you speed, performance, call to action or usability and best results.

Our top-notch software development services

Software Development is an amalgamation of several activities that include, designing, testing, programming, planning and more. This simple process is augmenting and enhancing globalization, and changing our lifestyle rapidly. There are several organizations around the world offering software development services, but the ones we offer help in delivering better results. Some of the top tools and technologies we use are:
Streaming media solutions

Streaming media solutions

Minimize complexity with CDN solutions, that is monitored 24/7 while providing the right technology.

Our next generation of media solutions helps you with high-quality on-demand and live video streaming.

Retail solutions and eCommerce

Retail solutions and eCommerce

Delivering personalized experience & maximising lifetime value for customers with better results & projects.

Cultivating brand loyalty and streamline operations, with specific analytics to provide you with rich and contextual insights.

B2B and B2C marketplace

B2B and B2C marketplace

Simplifying operations with two different markets, and making the same profit margin for the future.

B2B and B2C benefits with unified catalog management, less technical overhead, potentially simpler operations and faster moves.

Solutions for financial services

Solutions for financial services

Helps in building the relationship that also keeps the customers long term by increasing content efficiency

It includes mobile imperative for retail banks and as well as plenty of customers data and digital channel.

Custom software development

Custom software development

It serves the unique processes of your business, solving specific problems that make your workflow easier.

Increased flexibility with minimized information security risks and tailored support and maintenance for a better experience.

WDI is rated 4.8/5 based on 48 reviews on Google and

Our Portfolio

Our Websites are fast, robust, secure and scalable. We have acquired clients across the globe because of our reputation. This reputation is reflected from the development of a wide range of quality and reliable apps.



Our flexible pricing strategies are tailored to ensure maximum possible value for any budget.

Our clients choose to work with us because

  • Excellent track record of over 17 Years
  • Regularly awarded and reviewed as a top service provider
  • A large team with vast experience on all major technologies
  • Our development processes are certified and immaculate
  • Deliver good looking, high quality, secure websites and apps
  • Excellent portfolio of delivered Websites and Mobile apps
  • Big list of testimonies from satisfied clients globally
  • Low Cost solutions to fit your budget and requirements
  • Excellent clear English communication not Geek :)
  • A full service development partner, you will never have to search for another technology company ever.
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Our Work Process


We follow Agile SCRUM as our Project management model.
This works well for clearly documented project requirements as well as projects that
take shape as we develop and grow.

Watch a quick 2-minute video to get a clear picture of how we manage a typical project.
We are sure this will help you and will give you a clear
direction for your app idea.

Choose Right Engagement Models For You

Fixed Price Quotes

'Everything is simple until you think about it' This quote is true for many software development projects, too. Fixed-price contracts are more likely to work if the developer (WDI) and the client (you) have deep and clear knowledge of the requirements and technology.


Time and Material

One of the biggest benefits of this model is prioritization of important tasks. Your project is divided into several tasks. Our project managers will advise on importance, level of complexity, way of implementation, and price of this tasks.


Dedicated Resource

If any or few points are missing in your project for a Fixed Price Quote. We suggest a Dedicated Resource where you can implement Agile Scrum development methodology and review the progress for every SPRINT (ideally two weeks).


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