eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce Website Development Services are delivered with the help of the latest state-of-the-art technologies and continued maintenance with great support in terms of guaranteed service excellence. These solutions are equipped with strong security protocols and encryptions to ensure complete security during account creation, transaction and browsing.

Following A Result-Driven Approach!

Easy & Effective - We offer robust and fully functional eCommerce website development services for your website, effortlessly!

Providing Succes - We help you choose the latest tools and technologies best suited for your business for great results.

Custom Website Development

We're not going to barge you with complicated processes & stressful calls. In fact, we're here to do the exact opposite. We start with effective brainstorming and plan on establishing support for your challenges and goals. If you're one of those start-ups with an ambitious goal and technical challenges, you'll need expert help. Let us take that stress.

Tackling Every Challenge - Our main focus lies in building complex web applications that solve complex business problems.

Providing Effective Support - As a development partner, we provide innovative solutions for new SaaS custom web dev projects.

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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Our brainstorming thought process, improvisation with agile scrum principles, extensive experience in java development and front-end development make us a frontline custom web application development company. We purely focus on building fully functional, web applications to achieve growth and build quality services at an affordable cost.

Compatible high-quality results with robust agile teams & dedicated QA practices.

Our process is customer-oriented and designed to reduce the cost of business operations.

Have An Idea? Let's Create A Wireframe For You!

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

Our approach to modern mobile app development is an unparalleled mixture of exceptional mobile web app trends & professional experience. We design new software tools & highly effective approaches, that allow us to build and manage engaging, powerful, and flexible business strategies.

Discovering your technology and frameworks that work just right for your web application.

Be it PHP, ASP.NET, we're the tech hacks with effective knacks, all set to offer you the best!

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Backend Development

Backend Development

Never had a backend development service? You're probably losing a lot of time, searching for one. Our team possesses 21+ years of great expertise, in providing efficient help with back-end solutions and expert advice to provide the right backbone to your website. Whatever is your requirement, we promise on providing more than what is expected. Our scripting language along with great features and the latest innovation is proven to build the greatest management platforms for you. We guarantee technical proficiency with full-cycle backend support. Get the most stunning web page built by WDIPL with no bugs and no fails.

We also utilize machine learning technologies to help our customers build innovative products and solutions.

Building extensible on-premise & cloud-based back-end solutions for web, mobile, desktop, and IoT systems.

Development Technologies


The design of your website can be changed using a couple of PHP scripts, instead of changing & uploading each web page.


Whether you’re a solo developer or a team, getting started is simple thanks to our great community & Laravel infrastructure.


AngularJS emphasizes code quality and testability, which is why web developers prefer it over other frameworks available.

React Native

A multi-platform solution for start-ups & businesses that need short time-to-market with a feature-rich cross-platform.


Node.js shines in real-time web applications employing push technology over WebSockets.


One of the most preferred software & application development framework with extensive toolsets & functionalities


A well-known open-source web application framework that is used to develop smart web applications.


A full-stack web framework that boosts the use of web standards for interfacing and displays like – CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


AWS is quite flexible as it enables the user to choose the operating system, programming language, etc .

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Enterprise Analysis

Strategy Analysis has a broader scope and vision, which is critical as the project team develops their understanding of the current state and defining the future state. We ensure that your eCommerce website remains on par with the modern market trends. You wouldn't have to struggle around, because our experts are round in providing you with the best of services for your success.

Goal Identification

Our brainstorming and exchange of ideas spark that light of creativity for your project. Our focus is not limited only on traffic or email signups (which matter too), but marketing activities specifically that lead to sales. Analyze your metrics and design your marketing plan to optimize your goals and leverage your plans for greater sales and a successful project that will be recognized amongst all.

Scope Definition

As the project is executed, scope must be controlled. Performance reports are compared against project requirements to see where gaps exist, which may result in changes to the project plan. We work on your vision & goals, delivering more than what was expected. You will be well assured, that no matter what the present looks now, but with scope definition - your future is going to reach the desired heights.

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

Less confusion, greater insight, and, most importantly, improved end-user satisfaction is what we promise. With the help of a proven and legit sitemap, it'll get easier for you to identify and rectify in the case of an doubts or issues. Our experts are well experienced and have great expertise in the understanding of sitemaps & wireframe creation, delivering just what is required for your need.

Content Creation

Content is the king! As rightly stated. Content speaks more about your thoughts. With the help of a right content marketing team, you will have an understanding of how your product is explained in a well and appealing format to user target audience. Creating Great Content & Driving Organic Traffic To Your Website Is Our Chief Responsibility, and we do it with great expertise.

Visual Elements

Visual elements are the building blocks of art and design. It helps in explaining the very importance of designs for blank website. There are 7 visual elements in total, they are line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space. We at WDIPL build a cohesive website design with balanced features to streamline your success with the help of these 7 visual element principles.


We don’t leave you hanging with bugs and errors, we help get rid of them. Our expert team will check for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance of the web application or website. This process is to be sure about any errors causing any sort of damage to the whole project. We don't risk it - we work on it, so you don't have to struggle with negative comments.


Once the entire project is well explained and checked and is finally bug- free, you will be notified about the same. A Bug-free, smooth functionality, and easy to reach traffic with - You're All Set To Go! But, yet again. We aren't going to leave you hanging! Maintenance and support are are duty for our clients - and we've been recognized, awarded as the Best Customer Experience!

Our Expertise

  • Website Development
  • Responsive websites
  • Google-friendly websites
  • Custom Website Design
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Single Page Website
  • Custom Backend
  • Mobile Websites

Website Development Trends

  • Interactive & Responsive Elements
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Dark mode & Low light UX
  • Voice UI
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • On-page websites
  • 3D visuals
  • Mobile-first design

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App Store Optimization

WDI's ASO Marketing Specialists know exactly what goes behind a great-looking app. You may have a clean design, a really simple interface, and unique solutions. But, what about a marketing strategy? Similar to how a website and online store need SEO, your mobile app needs ASO. If you're not aware of these services and their benefits. Fret not! You don't need to get immersed in piles of less-worthy apps and programs, but let the experts play the part for you!

Our Process

a quick review of a Typical Project at WDI.


Every idea has a unique market position. We meet your team and stakeholders, discuss your requirements, understand your business objectives to create a Project Specifications Document.

We undertake various analyses to ensure that we understand everything we need to. Right from your target audience to your competition or your goals.


On approval of the proposal and the estimates, we create a Project Master Plan.

We identify your customer preferences, competition threats and create actionable goals.

We start building wireframes that will show all the features and functionality in detail. This becomes that basis for the precise features, resulting in an accurate Project plan and defining the delivery quality standards.

CX Design

The UI and UX team can now create a fully functional and graphical prototype.

This will ensure great Customer experience resulting in higher goal conversions and customer retention.

We study every aspect of your business and functional requirements in minutest detail. This helps us deliver feature rich mobile apps that your customers will love to use.

Development Sprints

We create a Project Development plan for your MVP and start software programming using Agile Scrum as a preferred project management methodology.

The first version of your App/Website is ideally scheduled to be delivered in less than 12 weeks.

Regular updates are delivered in 2 week sprints. You can plan and measure progress every 2 weeks as all the codes are updated on the staging server.

Testing, Bug Fixing and Launch

Your MVP is tested as per the defined test plan, use cases and user storyboard. We test for Security, Functionality, Performance, Compatibility and Customer Experience.

After all bug fixes and various updates we deliver your business idea by submitting the app to the app stores and the website is made live.

Optimization and Maintenance

The maintenance team creates a Continuous Delivery plan. The deliveries are scheduled in 2 week sprints with version control.

The deliveries are always regular and predictable. A newer updated version of the software is delivered every 2 weeks.

You are always in complete control over the delivery features, timeline and budget during the entire development cycle.

We love helping startups who want to convert their ideas into an MVP.

Craft the perfect strategy for an MVP with our product team.

Launch your MVP and discover the market it fits best quickly.

Protect your ideas! Sign an NDA with us before discussing.

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Recently Delivered

Sattva Connect, USA

Sattva Connect is a Health & Fitness Application providing full access to soulful teachings and Himalayan yogic practices to people all across the globe.

Mobile App | ASO | UI Design

Strategies that demonstrate success - Anand Mehrotra, Founder

Card Stock Exchange, USA

Card Stock Exchange sets out to revolutionize the way people everywhere invest in “Tangible Assets” otherwise known as Trading Cards.

Mobile Apps | Website | Digital Marketing

Truly Collaborative - Zachary Lynch, Founder

Mukesh Chhabra, India

The Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company (MCCC) is one of India’s premier casting companies that caters to thousands customers worldwide.

Mobile App | UI Design | Digital Marketing

Strategies that demonstrate success - Mukesh Chhabra, Founder

Walletero, USA

With help of their effective tools, one can receive the help that saves time and put cash back in their pocket; whether that entails slashing interest charges, lowering.

Website | UI Design | Digital Marketing

They not only delivered a bang on project but also helped me understand a lot more about the technical part of having a website.- Javier Warra

Choice kids, New Zealand

A place for children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging.

Website | Mobile App | Digital Marketing

Turned our vision into a Reality - Paul Davys, Executive Director

Angel broking, India

One of India’s largest retail broking houses providing broking and advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, and financial products distribution.

Website | Mobile App | ASO | SEO

Unique abilities - Narayan Gangadha, CEO

Locoff, India

Locoff helps retailers by expanding their horizon by not just providing them with an online presence, but also with solutions to help maximise their store’s visibility and connectivity.

Website | SEO

Super !!! - Shailendra Awasthi, CEO

An Award-winning

Aurthentic Yoga & Fitness App

with Himalayan Master, Anand Mehrotra

World biggest

Trading Card Stock Exchange

with over 100 million cards

India’s Largest

Casting Company

with Casting Director Mukesh Chhabra

A Financial Wellness

Platform Providing Pursuit for Customers' Money Goals

New Zealand’s leading

Learning & Development Childcare Center

Actively Support An Idea of Native Languages

India's Largest

Technology-Led Financial Services Company

Providing Full-Service Retail Broking

Your One-Stop Solution for

Sustainable Retail Business

We Build, We Measure, We Excel

WDIPL - The Maestro At MVP Development

Planned Market Research

40% of startups recede due to no market need, and most of them don't even know about the loss that they are in. We work on both the optimal balance of cost and the quality of rankings for you. We work on the technical preparation for MVP, by developing PoC for testing, product design, etc.

We Strategize It For You

Integrated web and mobile strategy are the secondary pillars we work on, following your business goals, competition, and audience needs with the help of a definite idea and the right project decision. We help in choosing the right technology and platform so you can have an in-depth approach for the final development of your service or product.

In-Depth Analysis

WDI's expert team of developers follow a thorough discovery process that includes the study of the environment, competitors, audience, trends, and potential. With the help of these features, we get an assurance of a profit-driven service that will offer you a reasonable and forward-looking feature prioritization with the use of MVP.

Profit-Driven Collaboration

We work on getting you a way out from walking the pile of making difficult decisions. We stick to the proactive collaboration process, with trending technologies & business expertise, for the development process of your idea. At this stage, you will be offered improvements and communicate issues for the best practice process with time & cost efficiency.

Incorporating Tech Skills

With WDI, you will have access to all the technology needs for your project. Our broad skills- set, expands a long way with the help of custom-made web development and product design to managing huge distributed systems and IoT platforms, AI technology, advanced data analytics. You can rely on us for a focused MVP project.

Business Oriented Research

We're your technology partner, we plan before we approach. We keep your goals and strategy at the forefront and work on delivering an effective MVP project for a successful product. What you'll receive is a well-articulated scope, along with key features and competitive advantage in making a quality MVP at an optimum cost.

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We Are Top Rated Mobile App
Developer By Statistics

Excellence Award

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Awarded the Certificate of Excellence for Winning the Best Fitness Mobile App for Sattva Connect, Which Is a Health & Yoga App.

Sattva Connect


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Best Web Development Company by Digital Customer Experience Summit and Awards in 2019.

Best Cusmoter Experience Web Development

Startup City

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Awarded Among the 5 Best Digital Marketing Companies in India, for Delivering Outstanding Performance and Dedication in Our Projects, Globally.

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Top 10+ Mobile app development companies in Mumbai | App Developers Mumbai October 2021.

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Our hard work and dedication have been recognized and reviewed as the best web development company for delivering successful 40 hours of great services.

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Top 10+ Mobile app development companies in Mumbai | App Developers.

Mobile App

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The List of Top 10+ Mobile app development companies in Mumbai | Top App Developers Mumbai.

Selected Firms

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Top eCommerce development company in providing exceptional services and solutions in revolutionizing the industry with great ideas.

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Mobile App Daily has prepared this list of top app development companies from all over the world.


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MobListed as the Best Top Mobile App Developer in the United States, with strategies and planning with great ideation for projects.


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We're mentioned amongst the many leading web design and development companies, in providing exceptional services to customers across the globe.


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Recognized by TechReviewer, amongst the 60+ Top Web Development Companies in 2021 as the leading company in providing outstanding solutions & services.

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Top Developers serve to be your one-stop destination for all your specific mobile application development requirements.


I Have an App Idea, What Do I Do Next?

You Should Start the App Ideation Process with the Most Accurate Formulation of Your Concept. Our Experts Are Around to Help You with the Same!

Can I Hire WDI to Just Do the Prototype for My Project?

Yes, Surely! You'll be assisted by a team of excellent tech people who will transform your ideas of the prototype into reality.

How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website or an App?

Redesigning a website isn’t a simple process and it can take time, but if you work with an experienced company like ours, we promise the end result will be a great website that generates quality leads and sales.

I don’t have a base to explain my idea, what do I do?

Fret Not! Our experts have immense knowledge and guidance. You can talk your ideas out, while we prepare a prototype for you.

Is It Safe to Share My Idea with WDI? How Do I Sign an NDA?

We believe, that trusts are built on the grounds of transparency - that explains us the best! Our team will assist you with the process for easy understanding.

How Fast Can You Guys Start My Project?

It's as easy as 1..2..3! Give us a call, and we'll have our experts get started with your project, right away!

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App or a Website?

Building a mobile app includes a lot of processes and work, all depending on your requirements. Hence, the cost of the same may vary.

Can You Help Me Choose the Right Technology for My Project?

We're not developers or designers, but are expert techies with exceptional knowledge of trending technologies. You can count on us!

I Have an existing Website/mobile app, Can You Take Over?

Of course, we can! Our services are curated and customised based on different thought processes and clients' needs. You're in the safe & expert hands!

What are the building blocks for Scalability in my project?

We've been awarded as the Best Mobile App Development Company, for building an app for an existing client with a website. Need we say more?

What goes behind the whole Project Management process?

Our work speaks it all! Project management has always been at the top of our process. You will receive daily updates on the same!

Can you Manage High-Traffic Websites/Apps?

Our marketing team comprise of creative and mind-boggling marketers! They know what they're doing and will update you with amazing results.

Your Expert Assistance

We can help with project documentation, create prototype or MVP, Identify conversion goals and suggest the best way forward