25 most significant Photoshop tools and commands

There are several Photoshop tools and commands that can make the Web Development Services process much easier. These include the following :

  1. X (Switch Colors)- Swaps background and foreground colors while working with masks
  2. F (Cycle Screen Modes)- Toggles full and normal screens with or without title bars and full screens with black colored backgrounds
  3. D (Default Colors)- Resets background and foreground colors to white and black respectively
  4. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N- Works to insert new and empty layers swiftly on top of the active one being used
  5. Ctrl + ‘+’- Helps swiftly zoom in or out without any changes to the tool being used
  6. Ctrl+ Alt+Z- This helps rectify errors you made eons back
  7. Alt + Mouse Scroll- Significantly quicker zoom
  8. Ctrl + Shift + Alt- Brings up the save for web option
  9. Alt + Click Mask- Brings up masks as greyscale images for better clarity
  10. Shift + Click Mask- This enables or disables all masks that are being worked with
  11. Ctrl + Click Mask- This helps load the mask as a selection, thereby enabling duplication
  12. Caps Lock- This helps toggle precision crosshairs
  13. Ctrl + J- Helps in duplication of active layers into newer ones
  14. Ctrl + H- Helps conceal selection lines
  15. Shift + Backspace- This helps enable filling with background colors
  16. Ctrl + I- Enables the selection of the opposite of options selected already. Helps during the creation of masks
  17. Ctrl + D- Helps deselect a particular selection
  18. Ctrl + Shift + E- Merges all visible layers into one whole
  19. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R- Makes the rotate dialogue appear
  20. Ctrl+ E- Merges a selected layer with another directly lying beneath it
  21. Ctrl + G- This selects group layers
  22. Ctrl + T- This makes the free transform tool appear for rotating, resizing an image skewing
  23. Ctrl + Alt + E- This merges all selected layers into one
  24. Ctrl + A- This selects the entire canvas

Ctrl + Alt + Del- The most useful of the lot when your computer suddenly hangs on account of Photoshop itself!

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