What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company for Your Business Growth?

The use of mobile applications and the way Mobile App Development companies are rising has exploded its existence across the globe. By the end of 2020, there were about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

The use of mobile applications and the way Mobile App Development Company are rising has exploded its existence across the globe. By the end of 2020, there were about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. Approximately 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in the same year. This caused a humongous increase in the demand for mobile apps among the majority of huge firms and businesses. You’d also find business owners use such applications to boost their Return on Investment (ROI) in different ways unsaid or done. WDI’s expert Mobile App Developers are well-assured on providing more than asked and expected, We Provide The Extraordinary.

Website Developers India is one of the top Mobile App Development Companies you need to partner with. They’ve worked with top-notch companies and have recently launched Sattva Connect, a health and fitness app. We’ve examined and worked with top-notch companies globally. So it gets easier for you to outsource with confidence.

Does Your Business Need A Mobile Application?

Only in the UK, 80% of adults use mobile and smart devices to use the internet. In the year 2017, mobile devices became the most popular way for individuals to use the Internet, counting to approximately 73%. But, just 45% of users made use of the traditional desktop or laptop to use the internet. This causes the Marketing Team to engage in the branding of mobile apps, enabling Mobile App Development Companies to get into the limelight. A mobile application offers valuable marketing possibilities, with the help of expert Mobile App Developers, to help you reach your targeted audience offering many other advantages that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

WDI begins where every other company gives up. So, we’re basically your rescuer. We deliver high-quality work that is super fast while leveraging the best and new techniques available.

Let’s look into a few benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company for your business.

  • Maintaining Loyal Customers

It offers you a hassle-free experience in terms of customer support, allowing you to retain your customers with attractive offers like discount coupons, vouchers, etc. 

  • Increase in Sales & Business

A Mobile App Development Company will help every business/industry will have all their concentration and hard work focused on the exploration of new avenues in the marketplace. Along with the increasing number of mobile users, there will also arise the number of sales along with satisfying user requirements.

  • Direct Marketing Channel

One of the biggest and proven benefits of having a mobile application is having all your product or service information like sales and promotions reached to your customers at their fingertips. 

  • Creates Brand Awareness

A one-stop point for receiving all relevant information related to the brand. This means a proper showcasing of your new products and services on the application with the help of advertisements. Mobile App Developers build your mobile application for business growth will use these tactics to increase the sales of your product.

  • Generate Greater Revenue

Mobile apps can be monetized easily without any effort. This would include the use of in-app purchases, paid apps, and freemium. You would find users willing to pay for applications if they really enjoy them and believe it provides great value. With the help of the right Mobile App Development Company, you can also add a new revenue stream to your business strategy by offering products or services with advertising.

  • Increase Customer Engagement

Allows you to deliver messages or notifications to mobile devices at any time and at any location. This also allows companies to keep their customers informed about their new rivals, products, special offers, and other important information. The power of push notifications is undeniable and offers great ideas delivering as high as 70% opt-in rate on average, as compared to email marketing’s 4%.

Mobile Application Development

Industries That Have Benefited From Mobile Application Development

Industries are putting all their efforts into investing in mobiles, for the obvious reason. Greater reach & revenue. If you’re still in a fix on how the use of mobile apps can help your business grow, let us display a few industry types that have taken advantage of such marketing and got great results with the guidance of the right and expert Mobile App Developers.

  • Healthcare Industry

The use of mobile applications has worked wonders for a very long time now. Apart from checkups and storing patient information in one tap, there are other different ways included in having a mobile application. These may include virtual assistance of doctors, identifying medical conditions through images and much more.

Example: The most prominent healthcare product of Apple, is the Health Application, which is a complete tracker for measuring the activities and health of its users. It also includes monitoring sleep, food, heart rate and other activities that provide a clear assessment of the user’s health data.

  • Travel Industry

The use of Mobile Applications by this industry to get greater customers and provide great services to them. The travel applications are amazingly revolutionizing the travel industry with great services to customers while allowing the application to check-in and also check out with the east. This would also include services for bookings and so much more.

Example: Mobile App Developers while building TripAdvisor, have done a terrific job! The application is an online travel company that provides recommendations and allows users to bookmark every detail of the places that the traveler is interested in. The application will also include reviews, photos, and other necessary details for other customers to refer to.

  • Restaurant Industry

One of the most successful industries that will easily allow customers to reserve seats, place orders, or/and find good places to eat. The mobile application is even used to display other restaurants based on their ratings, reviews and location for customers. One of the biggest benefits of mobile applications for the restaurant industry is they give a massive audience which easily increases profits.


Zomato is recognized as a global restaurant search and delivery service that now operates in 23 countries, becoming one of the most trendy covers over a thousand restaurants across 10,000 + cities. Many such independent restaurants are taking examples and inspiration from this application in getting their restaurant recognized.

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The use of Mobile App Development Services continues to be a necessity for every small and huge business. This means a greater workload, to reach a huge target audience, for more downloads! Just planning, launching, and branding an app won’t be enough. In order to reinforce your sales and customer relations, you have to run the extra mile.

The good news is, WE SWEAT WITH YOU!

WDI has an extravagant team of Mobile App Developers & Designers who are all experienced and proficient team players. They possess an intensive combination of technical knacks and creative thoughts. If you haven’t yet read about our recent yoga & fitness app launch, read the press release right away!

Well, that’s just not it. Besides Sattva, we’re working on some humongous mobile apps, which will surely be the next thing in the industry. Check them out!

  • IntoActiv: The world’s most comprehensive fitness tool

A mini Fitnesspedia in your pocket. It takes care of all concerning fitness goals. The app is in its developing stage, mainly for trainers and trainees to collaborate with the help of numerous tools on the market within the platform, InterActive will be a game-changer within the online fitness business.

  • Sattva Connect:  The Best Authentic Himalayan Yoga App

A health and fitness application that provides daily satsangs, kirtans, meditations, and different yogistic practices. This has been the best and the most humongous used app, with the most engaging user experience with video classes that could run both online and offline as well as a medium to communicate with the instructors. 

  • Card Stock Exchange: The Humongous & Global Card Stock Exchange App

The application provides many commercialism cards, with a trustee system for supreme infliction, a classic card game market with pragmatic accounts for simple transactions.

  • HeyPod: A Premier Social Help Enterprise App

A CDA recognized social enterprise that works with a mission to create its customers with additional and friendly People of Determination just by serving to unfold awareness concerning special wants.

One of the best ways to have a Top-Notch Mobile Application without any revisions is to go for an Agile Development Company. We’re looking into effective ways of how Agile Methodology can help your Mobile App Success Stories With Great Outcomes.

The use of Agile Methodology is one of the most effective ways for every mobile app development, that ensures minute work of coordination is done correctly. You will rest assured of how easily your company will deliver the highest quality, robust mobile applications and sustainability.

WDI offers a smooth and adaptable process control for complex software projects that promise great work! We leverage technologies to connect people, processes, & data effectively to deliver outstanding results.

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