Benefits of retailers from mobile marketers via mobile payments

Develop a perfect mobile app for your business - Consult your expertsBenefits of retailers from mobile marketers via mobile payments

The mobile applications company are steadily sounding the death knell for offline retail stores and outlets. Customers can now easily compare prices, select their desired items and order the same with their smartphones. All it takes is just a few seconds of their time and effort and thus, retailers are waking up to the benefits of mobile marketers and mobile payment systems. There are several benefits of mobile marketers that are poised to create further growth in this field.  With mobile shopping steadily transforming the entire picture, retailers are increasingly stepping up their mobile marketing plans and strategies. They are focusing on various methods to draw shoppers to their stores and products. A whopping 85% of retailers and marketers are venturing into mobile advertising and marketing in recent times according to experts.

  • Location-specific marketing

One of the biggest benefits of mobile marketers, specific location or area based marketing initiatives is helping them offer alerts to customers. Customers now receive specific promotional messages relating to retail outlets in their area, sales, discounts and special offers via cell phone service carriers. These messages are helping customers keep track of all regular happenings and are also boosting the presence of the store in the mobile market.

  • App-based discounts and rewards

One of the other tangible benefits of mobile marketers, app-based discounts and rewards are steadily gaining favor with the fast-growing mobile audience. Many retailers can partner with noted cell phone service carriers while mobile app developers are the chosen partners for others. Multiple applications now have tie-ups with some of the biggest brands pertaining to reward programs and discounts. Customers are often provided reward points or kickbacks for specific stores in the form of credits and gift cards.

Alongside, customers also receive a discount and promotional alerts upon visiting particular stores. This is another helpful benefit that retailers are cashing in on. Customers are therefore left with little scope to compare prices or shop online. In addition, customer focus is narrowed down considerably which is another boon for retailers.

Realizing the huge benefits of mobile marketers, big brands and retail outlets are jumping head-on into the mobile marketing arena. They are steadily tying up with developers and service providers to come up with fresh, unconventional and appealing marketing techniques to draw audiences to their brands and stores. For instance, famous brands are experimenting with audience messages and keyword codes as a view towards providing special gifts and discounts. The level of audience involvement is being keenly encouraged and monitored all the time. Some brands are providing shoppers with video clips and photographs of products they are likely to appreciate.

In one of the biggest examples, Best Buy, the noted electronic retail brand is partnering mobile payment and banking service provider Monetize its marketing strategies. This will help customers simply put in particular product codes for processing and completing their shopping transactions. The huge benefits of mobile marketers only put customers in a win-win situation as far as newer technologies are concerned!

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