Reasons Why You Must Develop a B2B App For Your Business

B2B App For Your Business
B2B App For Your Business

As a successful startup, there are basically two types of mobile apps that you will require. One app is for getting your services to your customers, which is known as a B2C app. The second connects your business with other businesses, stakeholders, and partners. This is known as a B2B app.

You are probably familiar with a B2C app as that is what most apps on the App Store are.

A B2B app is very niche-specific and something that most startups ignore but should not, as it will simplify business workflow, streamline business operations, enhance communication, and most importantly, make life easier.

First, understand what a B2B app is.

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What is a B2B App?

A B2B app serves the purpose of connecting businesses. It is created to meet industry-specific requirements and is restricted to just business-specific use.

Mailchimp, Asana, Hootsuite, and Salesforce are some examples of B2B apps. They all serve business-specific purposes and have no usability for the average person. It could be something as simple as an encrypted messaging tool for your office staff.

Although these apps are available to the public, many B2B apps are just restricted to a particular business.

If your startup deals with other startups and businesses, then a B2B is a must-have for you.

Difference Between B2B and B2C Apps

A B2C app is made for normal people to use, while a B2B app is just restricted to a particular business and its requirements. The target groups are the biggest difference between both.

Because of this, the objectives and functionality of both differ.

A B2C app can have a wide range of functionalities, like entertainment, marketplace, fintech, trading, gaming, or something as simple as changing wallpapers. But, a B2B app is made to fulfil a business-centric purpose.

Mailchimp is designed for businesses to send out multiple emails to their clients. For a normal person, this is useless as their work can be done with a simple B2C mailing app like Gmail or Outlook.

As a B2C app is not restricted, its audience is a lot bigger than a B2B app. However, certain B2B apps have a huge user base like Mailchimp and Asana due to their being open to everyone for download and serving a larger purpose that every startup requires.

As most B2B apps are made to be used by professionals, a glittery UI is not a priority. But for a B2C app to appeal to the mass audience, an attractive UI becomes a necessity.

Another major difference is how both types of apps are marketed. If the B2B app is restricted to just in-house use, marketing is not required. A simple email to all employees or an announcement in the office can get the job done.

For public B2B apps, monetization is done by making them paid or subscription-based models. B2C apps are usually free and monetized through ads and in-app purchases, although many have subscription-based models as well.

For B2C apps, the competition is cutthroat. If your app is not up to the mark, it will not get any downloads. This does not apply to B2B apps unless they are meant to target a large user base.

We hope that you have a crystal clear idea of what a B2B app is and what it does. Now, here are a few benefits you will get by developing a B2B mobile app.

10 reasons why B2B Apps are a Great Investment for Your Business

10 Advantages of Getting A B2B App for your startup

A B2B app offers a plethora of perks for startups and businesses.

We at WDI, a team of mobile app developers, have listed down the top 10 benefits you will get by developing a B2B mobile app for your business.

2: Data For Analysis

For a business, data is everything.

With traditional methods, data collection is quite difficult and requires a dedicated team.

But, a B2B app can provide you with extensive real-time data to analyze. You can understand user behavior and predict their future actions.

You can figure out what your users like and dislike, and work accordingly to implement the right things and increase conversions.

If your users are showing interest in a particular product but not buying it due to some reason, maybe you can work at the product description or price and see how that plays out.

If you have a website then you can compare Google Analytics with the data you receive from your app. In most cases, both will be similar but there will be some glaring differences between them that can help you improve your business.

3: Higher Output

Who does not want a higher output?

A B2B app is one of the best ways to increase your cut delays and unnecessary expenses, and increase your output and your overall efficiency.

Just like in the previous example, if a B2B app is helping your clients to place orders from anywhere they want, it decreases the extra work of having to entertain them at offline stores.

A B2B app can also be developed to handle the paperwork and maintain all business records. The algorithm can do in seconds what a human will require days for.

You can cut a lot of human resources with the implementation of a single app.

All of the donkey work can be handled by the app so that your staff can focus on important and creative tasks that require human involvement.

Your expenses will also go down and thus increase your profits.

4: Increase Long-Term Loyalty

B2B apps can help you to develop long-term relations with your clients.

It is as if you have built a service centre in your client’s pockets that they can access anytime and anywhere. All it takes is pulling out their phone from their pockets. Your business is just a few taps away.

The app provides another way for your clients to contact you. Multiple communication channels like a chatbot can be implemented in the app.

If the app is a marketplace for your wholesale products, your clients can track the order and contact you ASAP in case of any delivery problems.

If your startup is about fulfilling a specific need in the business world, then there is nothing better than a B2B app to ensure that your clients stay connected with your services.

Your clients will use the app to access your services as it is more convenient. This will ensure that they continue using your services for a long period and become loyal customers of your brand.

5: Simplify Work

Paperwork is simply a headache to handle.

Running a business involves a mountain of tasks to handle and they can get overwhelming after a point, requiring a lot of manpower.

With a B2B app with advanced AI, all of these tasks can be streamlined, allowing you to focus on what is important.

If you want to get an analysis of data, a B2B app can create detailed graphs and pie charts, and also show predictions of what the statistics will be in the future.

An in-house B2B app can allow your employees to easily communicate, share data, and put forth their ideas faster than ever.

You can communicate with your clients in a much more efficient manner. A B2B app provides a faster way to interact in case of urgent requirements.

A lot of unnecessary work can be eliminated and it will save time.

10 reasons why B2B Apps are a Great Investment for Your Business

6: Encrypted Communication

Data leaks are a big threat to startups. Most so-called “encrypted” communications tools are not really as secure as they claim to be and can be hacked.

An in-house B2B app can allow your employees to communicate with each other. As the platform is not open-source or public, the chances of hacks are next to none.

You can share documents, files, and presentations without any limit on file size as the application is custom-made. You can implement any feature you want.

Third-party apps do come with a lot of limitations and the major ones being file upload limit and the number of people you can add to a group. With a custom-made B2B app, you can share large files and create a group of as many people as you want. If there is a message you want to get across to every single employee, a B2B app can do that.

You can refine your messages and send them to only specific people with direct messaging. With push notifications, you can ensure that the message will be read and also that the employees are updated with the latest Developments.

7: Support

Good customer support is crucial for developing trust and long-term brand loyalty.

The more ways you provide your clients to reach out to you, the better it is. A B2B app is another communication channel you can add to your list.

Your users can simply open the app and contact you instantly. This is much faster than sending an email.

As your business could be dealing with high-cost transactions, a B2B app will prove to be lifesaving.

You can build a FAQ section based on the queries you receive. This will make it more convenient for users to find answers to the most common problems they will face. You will have a less amount of queries to deal with directly.

With advanced algorithms, you can organize the complaints and make them easier to manage.

8: Drive Sales

If you have a wholesale eCommerce business then a B2B app is the key to expanding your business. You are already stepping ahead of the competition by having a mobile app.

When business research the best place to buy wholesale goods, they are more likely to download your app for the convenience it offers. Placing orders from their phone is something they cannot do with other eCommerce businesses.

More importantly, you can send push notifications to your users and update them about the latest offers and discounts. With the right call to action, you can drive an insane amount of sales.

9: Increase Team Work

Every start-up owner wants the best team of professionals. Hiring professionals is easy but getting them to work together is the hard part.

Within big businesses with hundreds of employees, there are limitations in communications and collaborations.

You can use messaging apps like Skype, Whatsapp, etc. but those have the risk of data leaks. Also, there are limitations in terms of the file size and type of files you can share.

An in-house B2B app can solve the problem and make communication easier than ever.

As you are in total control of the mobile app development process, you can decide what features you want to implement.

You can create an app that can be used for normal chatting and for working together on projects as well. You can assign tasks directly from the app while your employees can submit their reports on it.

With a public B2B app, you can collaborate with your clients and other businesses to get work done faster and more efficiently.

If you are an intermediary between vendors and buyers, a B2B app can help you schedule orders and ensure that everything is done in a more streamlined manner.

10: Help Your Business Grow

A B2B app can be developed to cater to your business-specific objectives and requirements. Depending on the use case, multiple apps can be created for each of them.

One app could be just for project management. You can assign tasks to your employees and collect their reports using it.

Another app could be for handling requests, payments, and finances.

The sky is the limit with what you can get done with the right mobile app development team.

Here are some features you can implement in a B2B app that can help your business grow.

10 reasons why B2B Apps are a Great Investment for Your Business

All you need are the right mobile app developers that can give your B2B app justice. 


As a startup owner, a B2B app can be the biggest tool at your disposal to take your business to the next level. It can improve your work efficiency, allow encrypted and effective communication, provide an extensive support system for your clients, and increase sales with inbound marketing.

At WDI, we have decades of experience in software development and years of proven excellence in mobile app development.

All you have to do is share your app idea with us and we will take it from there. We will handle all the complex technicalities of app development and provide you with the best app for your business.

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