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Mobile App Development

Meta Threads has taken the world by storm, getting 100 million downloads in just five days. However, the initial excitement took a hit as it witnessed a drop of 50% in its daily users within just 10 days. It’s as if Elon Musk landed a backhand while rising up.

While Mark Zuckerberg is hopeful of users returning, it’ll require Threads to release some drastic improvements. It needs to analyze the core reasons behind the drop in users and update the app with features that users want. That’s what we’ve done.

As mobile app developers, we at WDI have been in this game for over two decades. Here are the essential features Threads needs to implement to keep up in this game:

1: Hashtags

People like personalized content, and Meta knows this better than anyone else. The current randomization of content puts off many users because it doesn’t interest them.

Hashtags will allow the organization of content into multiple categories. People will be able to follow or search certain hashtags to find out the content of their interest. It’ll help them connect with like-minded people and form communities.

Users will also be able to get more reach by including hashtags in their Threads, allowing them to reach interested communities.

As good as hashtags are, they’ll be ineffective if Threads fails to implement the next feature.

2: Improved Search

Search is the most effective way for users to find the content they like, and currently, the search function in Threads is lackluster. It only allows users to search for other users, which is not enough.

Here are things Threads should show in its search results:

  • 1: Hashtags

Searching for a hashtag allows users to follow all conversations related to a certain topic. Without search, Hashtags serve little function.

  • 2: Threads

Many people will not solely rely on hashtags for searches. That’s why showing results based on keywords will allow users to find exactly what they want. These results should be further divided into two parts: Top and Latest.

  • 3: Tagged Posts

A major use of Twitter was to know public opinion on certain personalities and businesses by reading the tweets in which they were tagged. Threads also has the option to tag users, and showing those posts in search results will provide more convenience.

3: Non-Instagram Signups

Currently, only Instagram users are able to create accounts on Threads. Do we have to emphasize how that is hurting Threads’ reach?

Many people aren’t interested in creating an Instagram account but could be interested in trying out Threads. By opening up its doors to such users, Threads can increase its reach and user base.

4: Improved Algorithm

Personalized content is the key to keeping users engaged, and the current barrage of random content on Threads’s homepage does not cut it. Threads needs to level up its AI algorithm to recommend content based on the user’s activities.

Instagram is already the master of this craft. Meta just needs to recreate a similar experience.

5: Direct Messages

Meta is expecting users to switch to Instagram to message someone. This will work as long as Threads is restricted to Instagram users only. However, once Meta allows users without Instagram accounts to join, the messaging feature has to be implemented.

6: Image Editor

One cannot deny the importance of images in a text-based app like Threads. When posting images comes into play, the implementation of an image editor becomes a no-brainer. What’s surprising is that Threads lacks an image editor when Instagram has a really cool one.

Even Twitter has a great image editor from which Threads can take inspiration. While Threads is not an image-centric app, it should allow users to crop and color-calibrate images to some extent.

7: Edit Option

A major con of Twitter was that anything posted got engraved on stone. This could be troublesome, as anyone can make a typo, and sometimes people post unwanted things by mistake. Threads can set itself apart by allowing users to edit their content.

The edit option can become a major USP for Threads, as Twitter is restricting it to just subscribed users.

The Takeaway

We have analyzed hundreds of apps, and one thing we can assure you of is that competitor research is paramount in mobile app development. If your app offers nothing better, it is bound to fail. While Threads had certain unique ideas, the suboptimal approach taken by Meta led to a disastrous drop in engagement.

If you’re a startup planning to invest in a mobile app, ensure to choose mobile app developers like WDI. We begin our development process with in-depth research on your audience and competitors. By creating a comprehensive scope of work for your app, we ensure that it’s prepared for all potential adversaries.

Contact us today, and let’s build something extraordinary together!

Author: Wdipl

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