What is the Investment Required for Creating an App Similar to Adidas?

Adidas App Development

The Adidas app is the one that cannot be overlooked when we talk about sportswear eCommerce apps. Adidas has nailed every aspect of sportswear app development, from personalized recommendations and a lucrative reward system to AR integration.

Businesses in the sportswear niche can look up to the Adidas app for inspiration. One question that businesses get is how much investment would be required to develop something similar.

In this blog, we’ll break down the Adidas App Development Cost, considering factors such as the app’s functionality, design, platform, development team, and maintenance.

App Functionality

App functionality CategoryWhat features you want to implement play a crucial role in determining the sportswear eCommerce app development cost. Depending on the scope and complexity of your app, its functionality can be divided into three types.

Basic Functionality

This includes the basic features that are common to most eCommerce apps. This includes features like product catalog, search, filters, cart, checkout, payment, delivery, reviews, ratings, etc. A basic app requires less time and resources to develop.

Advanced Functionality

This includes features that are specific to the sportswear industry, such as product customization, fit recommendations, size guides, style tips, etc. As these features are more complex, they demand more resources and time.

Premium Functionality

These include high-end features present on the Adidas apps, such as AR or AI-based recommendations. As these features are the most challenging, they require the most innovation and integration.

The app’s functionality determines the amount of expertise required for the development project. The more features the app has, the more expensive it will be to create.

App Design

The next step in sportswear app development is UI/UX design. How the app looks to its users is pivotal in establishing a strong brand presence. The design should be consistent and in line with your brand identity and user expectations. The app’s design should also be user-friendly and engaging to keep users hooked.

The design process is divided into two stages:


Wireframing is the process of creating a basic layout of the app’s screens. It shows the position and arrangement of elements like buttons, graphics, images, etc.


Prototyping is about creating a simulation of the final app. A prototype is a realistic mockup of the app’s screens, showing the colors, fonts, images, and animations of the app.

The Adidas app development cost will increase depending on the level of animations you wish to implement.

App Platform

The cost of developing an eCommerce app will vary depending on the platforms you plan to develop it for. Here are the three types of apps you can develop:

Native App

A native app is developed for a specific device and operating system, such as iOS or Android. It offers the best performance as it has direct access to the device’s hardware. However, you’ll have to create separate codebases for iOS and Android, increasing the project cost.

Cross-Platform App

This app is developed for both iOS and Android on a single codebase. Frameworks such as React Native and Flutter are employed to develop a cross-platform app. It acts as a middle ground between a native app and a PWA, offering the best of both worlds. However, it is limited in terms of customization and integration.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A PWA is basically a website packaged as a mobile app. It can run on all devices with a browser and a network connection. It is built on a single codebase and requires fewer resources. However, it has lower performance, compatibility, and security than native apps.

Development Team

The size and expertise of your development team will have a significant impact on the Adidas app development cost. As an enterprise, you can either hire in-house developers or partner with a mobile app development company. Each option has its pros and cons, depending on your budget, timeline, and quality expectations.

Hiring In-House Developers

While hiring an in-house team may seem like a better option as you have complete control over the budget and developers, that is usually not the case. The overall expenses rise when you factor in salaries, technologies, and hardware requirements. Also, it’s going to be a mess if you hire the wrong developers and have to replace them midway through the project.

So, unless you’re absolutely spot on with your project requirements and scope of work, don’t go with an in-house team.

Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

A dedicated mobile app development company like WDI has the necessary tech and developers in place. All you’ve got to do is share your plan, and they’ll take care of the rest. This is a strategic decision for enterprises, as you can focus on your core competencies while the experts simultaneously work on your mobile app.

Maintenance and Updates

The investment doesn’t end with the app’s launch. You’ve got to invest in updating your app to keep it secure and competitive. Maintenance and updates include bug fixes, performance improvements, feature additions, design changes, and compatibility with the latest devices and OS updates.

You must allocate roughly 20% of your initial development cost to ongoing support and enhancement of the app.

The Best Sportswear App Development Services

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