IOS is killing Android upgrades?

Is IOS is killing Android upgrades? Know the recent reports and results for the same.

There are recent reports of Android upgrades being steadily killed off by Apple’s pioneering iOS. The constant tug of war between Android & iOS apps looks set to continue and may well reach an exciting climax! Android and iOS continue to fight it out for total domination of the mobile OS arena and this is heating up, what with the ever-increasing count of global smartphone users. Billions of individuals use smartphones and as a result, the sudden perishing of Android upgrades at the hands of iOS comes as a surprise to many!

According to experts, almost 90% of all Apple mobile devices are making use of the very latest version of iOS 7 with adoption and upgradation rates hovering around 21% in the very first three days of the release itself. In addition, only a paltry 3% of Apple smartphones are estimated to be running on obsolete or older operating systems. In comparison, a tiny 8% of Android devices are making use of the updated Kit Kat 4.4 or higher updates from Google. In addition, Android users are still awaiting the latest Jelly Bean updates from Google.

As a result, adoption rates are significantly higher for iOS 7 and above. This makes Apple the go-to option for customers. The conglomerate is successfully making hundreds of users upgrade to new devices with the latest iOS versions and other updates. Alongside, this trend is set to continue for multiple tangible reasons. iOS users are seen to spend more on upgrades than Android counterparts. Start-ups and developers often find it really challenging to create apps for several platforms at once and Android development is really tough owing to several OS variants. Alongside, developers have been choosing iPad and iPhone as their preferred platforms and this has given a fillip to Apple when it comes to upgrades.

Google works via a comprehensively radical business model in comparison to Apple where multiple vendors sell it as a kind of industry standard. However, upgrade rates, if they continue to remain sluggish, can really hit developers hard. This will especially be frustrating for developers who want to develop fast, latest and cutting-edge apps on the Android platform. Android & iOS apps both have relevance in the present scenario but the steady erosion of upgrade options may well lead to significant future consequences for Google.

The App Store has sometimes been regarded as far superior to Google Play in terms of entertainment, sports, games and lifestyle categories. Apple has consistently ranked higher among tech experts with regard to almost all categories. This is another factor that is swinging the balance in Apple’s favour in recent times. The market shares of both Android and Apple are quite neck to neck in the United States of America and other countries. However, a thorough evaluation of both is essential with regard to getting the best value for your business. As of now, Android upgrades are being given a beating by iOS and it is definitely not music to the ears as far as Google is concerned.

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