Is your Personal Brand reflected by Social profiles?


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Every individual is on at least one social networking site if not on all of them. In fact, the perception about social networking has changed in such a way, that people would find it difficult to trust those who do not have a social networking profile. Hiring Digital marketing Experts to go through social networking profiles of those who have applied to their companies in order to profile the kind of worker s/he will be. Almost 68 percent hiring managers won’t employ candidates who use profanities or have sexually explicit content on their profiles. Software development has gone in such a direction that managers can actually make use of tools to spot the profiles of the right candidates. Bottom line is, you are being watched all the time.


Because social profiles are integral to build brands, you should reflect your personal brand through social profiles. Brand building is not necessarily about posting an activity that you are pursuing such as shopping or eating out. Posting too many of these kinds of updates may put off hiring managers as they would judge you to be too superficial without any real interest in work. Updating a lot of political content or real issues could actually make hiring managers form a view about you that may not be true or goes against you.


You can play the situation to your benefit by posting different kinds of updates which give the impression that you are a man of various interests. For instance, you can post the latest findings or trends in the industry in which you work and your views about the latest trends ongoing in the industry and intersperse it with personal updates. Make your updates more or less regular because it shows you are active but not an addict. Scrutinize carefully before posting any photos as they are often checked by managers. Take some time to reflect on your personal brand as you may have to alter a lot in order to be noticed.


If you want to be known as a food critic or dance enthusiast, you should adequately build your brand for that too. Post videos, photos, and opinions that are relevant to how you want to be seen by your audience as that would mean the successful creation of your brand.


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