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Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

A mobile app is currently the most powerful tool you can own as a startup runner. It can multiply your engagement, expand your customer base, and take your business a level ahead.

In 2022, smartphone users will have long surpassed the number of desktop and laptop owners. Even those who have a laptop also use a smartphone. It has become an inseparable part of people’s lifestyles.

Compared to a laptop, a smartphone is more convenient for the majority of tasks.

Want to take a picture? Pull out your phone.

Want to order food? Just a few taps away.

Want to pay your bills? It’s a piece of cake.

Unless some tasks require high processing power, like animation, VFX, CGI, etc., a smartphone can get all tasks done. Looking at how powerful smartphones are becoming, it will not be long before people will be able to execute high-end tasks on their smartphones as well.

Many people’s smartphones have become the preferred gadget for working, learning, and enjoying life.

There is no better way to dominate the smartphone market than through mobile app development.

A mobile app is the most convenient way to use a smartphone. Yes, even websites can be accessed through a browser, but they are nowhere near the efficiency and features offered by a mobile app.

Here is a comparison between websites and mobile apps.

entrepreneurs plan to feature messaging Apps to there content material strategy

Websites V/S Mobile Apps

Both websites and mobile apps are effective ways to get your business in the digital world. But, there are differences between them which can be deciding factors in the success of a digital startup.

HTML Table Generator
Websites Mobile Apps
Can be accessed on all devices.  Restricted to smartphones. 
Developed keeping desktop and laptop users in mind.   Developed only for smartphone users.
 Inconvenient to use on a smartphone.  More convenient for smartphone users.
 Limited reach.  Higher reach due to more smartphone users.
 Limited features and functionality.  Higher features and functionality
 Require a network connection.  Can be used offline.
 No push notifications.  Can send push notifications.
 Fast as the wind.  Fast as lightning.

1: Accessibility

As websites can be used on all devices with a browser, they have a higher reach compared to mobile apps. But, almost everyone owns a smartphone and this makes the difference even less of a deal.

2: Target Users

Most websites are developed with desktop and laptop users in mind. They can be made responsive to be used on smartphones, but the experience cannot be paralleled with that of desktops.

On the other hand, mobile apps are made solely for smartphone users, making them the perfect way to capture the smartphone market.

3: Convenience

A desktop or laptop has to be booted up to be made useful. This can take up to two minutes.

A smartphone can simply be pulled out of the pocket and used. The convenience is simply incomparable to any other.

4: Limited Reach

As the number of desktop users is very small, the reach of websites is also limited.

A mobile app can reach a larger number of people as the number of smartphone users is multiple times the number of desktop users

5: Limited Features

A website is meant to have faster loading speeds and this comes at the sacrifice of high-end features. Implementing a lot of features leads to the consumption of a lot of data and slow loading speeds.

A mobile app stores most of its data on the user’s device, and it does not have to be downloaded again and again like websites. This allows mobile app developers to implement high-end features

6: Offline Usage

The only offline use you are going to get out of a website is when the webpage is loaded.

Apps are meant to be used while offline unless they cannot function without a network. This allows you to help your users with your services even when they are offline.

7: Push Notifications

One of the biggest advantages a mobile app has over a website is the ability to send push notifications. You can notify your users about your latest offers, product launches, and discounts. This is something that a website cannot do.

8: Speed

The speed of the website is directly proportional to the user’s network speed.

As apps store most of their data like animations and elements on the user’s device, they can work much faster.

Now that you know the benefits you get by developing a mobile app, let us tell you how we can help you get the best mobile app developed for your startup with the latest technology, high-end features, and none of the stress related to it.

We understand that technology can be overwhelming for you. So, we will make the technical decisions for your app and make it as simple as possible for you. 

Here is what you will get by hiring WDI, the leading mobile app development company.


1: Scope Of Work

We understand what you have right now is a basic idea for an app. It could be something like this: I want to display my products on the app for users to buy them.

We will turn your idea into a plan of action. We will take you through the process of building a mobile app from the ground up.

From the signup screen to checkout, all sections of the app will be detailed in the scope of work. We are literally creating a mountain out of a molehill.

We predict where your app will stand in the market and any potential threats it may face. We analyze the competition and figure out ways for your app to stay a step ahead. This is done by our dedicated business analyst team.

We decide the time required for mobile app development, set the date for MVP delivery, and define sprints.

2: Wireframes and Prototype Development

Mobile App Development

Wireframes are the basic structure of your app. They show where each element—button, graphic, text, etc.—will be located. Consider them like a blueprint for your app. They serve as a guide for further developments.

Based on the wireframes, the UI/UX design team creates the prototype.

A prototype is a fully functioning design of your app. It shows in exact detail how the app will look once developed.

You will be kept in touch throughout the process. Mobile app development will take place once the prototype receives your approval. We will make the necessary changes based on your input.

3: UI/UX Design

An attractive design and a seamless user experience are crucial for the success of a mobile app. What is more important is that the design goes hand in hand with your brand identity.

Our UI design team will do in-depth research on your brand, and analyze the color theme, typography, philosophy, etc. to create a design that mirrors your brand.

We will implement the latest trends in UI design to provide a pleasing experience to your users.

After this is done, you just have to wait for the MVP to launch.

4: MVP Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development takes a lot of time. We can totally relate to how eager you would be to see your mobile app launched and working.

Developing an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) can cut the wait and get your business running.

An MVP is the most minimalistic version of your app.

The concept of your app will be very broad and will require a ton of time to develop. Our team will analyze the concept and decide the most important factors that are crucial for the app to run. Only those factors are implemented first, and the app is known as an MVP.

The advantage of an MVP is that it can be developed very fast and you do not have to wait for the entire app to be developed.

The remaining features will be released through timely updates.

5: Testing

Mobile App Development

We ensure that every app goes through rigorous testing drills before launch.

Our testing team will scrutinize your app from top to bottom to ensure that everything is perfect before giving it the green light for launch.

6: Sprint Delivery

The MVP is not the final app. There are a plethora of features and functionalities still to be implemented. These features are launched through timely 2-week updates or sprints.

The sprints we defined in the scope of work are brought into action and delivered as planned.

Every two weeks, your users will receive an update on the respective App Stores which they will be able to install.

7: Maintenance

App Development

Once the entire app is launched, it is vulnerable to cyber threats, bugs, and glitches.

The app also has to be made compatible with new system updates; otherwise, it becomes an open playground for hackers. It also has to be updated according to user feedback and the reported bugs have to be fixed.

We provide a dedicated maintenance team that will keep your app up-to-date and ensure that all potential bugs and threats are mitigated and the app runs smoothly as ever.

8: Digital Marketing

Mobile app development is incomplete without the necessary marketing to give it the reach it deserves.

Without marketing, you are throwing your app into a void. Estimates say that almost half of the apps on the App Store have not been downloaded even once. This just screams the importance of the right marketing for a mobile app.

We have a dedicated digital marketing team that will promote your app to the right audience using organic marketing techniques.

Here is what you can opt for under digital marketing:


1: App Store Optimization (ASO)

The App Store and Play Store are where your app is going to stay for its lifetime. So, we make sure they are comfy.

ASO basically helps to rank your app on the respective app stores just like SEO helps to rank websites.

We optimize the app description, images, and videos and make them more engaging, along with inserting the right keywords.

2: Microsite Creation

Mobile App Developemnt

Having a microsite provides added benefits in terms of increasing reach and getting more downloads. With decades of experience in website development, we will create a compact microsite for your app.

Here, visitors will be able to get all the information about the app. Compared to the app stores, a microsite allows for the display of more information, images, and videos about your app. This gives you a bigger opportunity to market your app.

With regular blog posts, we will drive more traffic to your app and answer queries related to the niche of your business

3: Social Media Promotion

In 2022, social media is the best way to get organic reach and get your brand in front of its target audience.

Our dedicated social media marketing team will create attractive and engaging posts with compelling CTAs for your app.

We know the best marketing tactics to get high engagement and interactions.

Social media also provides another way for users to contact you. In the event of any issue, they can message you on your social media accounts.

9: End To End Hand Holding

Our support team will be in contact with you throughout the entire process of mobile app development.

Your feedback and suggestions will be collected during every stage of mobile app development. This will happen through weekly online meetings.

We will also be in touch on Skype, where you can expect an instantaneous response during working hours.

10: Next-Gen Technologies

Mobile App Development

This is what most startups want while developing a mobile app.

With over 21 years of expertise in mobile app development, we have worked with the most advanced technologies.

We have dedicated teams working on Flutter, Laravel, React Native, etc. Do not be confused by these names. We will research and figure out the best technology for your requirements.

At WDI, we have worked on multiple types of apps like PWA, Hybrid, and Native. Our team will figure out the perfect type of app based on your needs and objectives.

How to Get Started

Getting your app developed by WDI is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is contact us, share your idea, and we will take it from there.

You do not have to stress about complex technologies or the mobile app development process. Our team will do all the work and provide you with the simplest of solutions.

We will be a part of the journey, and every sprint will begin only after your approval.

Build your app with us WDI

Author: Wdipl

WDI, founded in 1999, is a leading mobile app development company. We believe in making a change with our mobile apps and highly researched blogs that explain complicated technological aspects in a simplified and enjoyable manner. We take pride in guiding mobile app startups to bring their app ideas into reality with our expertise.

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