Mobile App Development for Pharmacy Management: Features, Steps, and Estimated Costs Demystified

Pharmacy Management App Development
Pharmacy Management App Development

The whole world has adopted online methods for executing daily activities, especially when we talk about healthcare. Telemedicine apps and online consultations have become the norm today. One such niche is pharmacy management.

Pharmacy management involves various activities, such as inventory control, record keeping, customer service, compliance, and more. If your business deals with pharmacy, developing a mobile app will help increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Pharmacy Management App Development

Developing a pharmacy app will be a beneficial investment for both you and your customers. Here’s how:

  • Streamline the workflow and reduce human errors.
  • Enhance collaboration between the pharmacy staff, suppliers, and customers.
  • Provide real-time data and alerts on stock levels, expiry dates, orders, and deliveries.</li.
  • Offer secure payment options and digital receipts.
  • Build customer loyalty by providing personalized offers.
  • Increase accessibility of medicines and healthcare services.

Pharmacy app development requires careful planning, research, design, development, testing, and maintenance. In this blog, we’ll discuss the features, steps, and costs of developing a mobile app for pharmacy management.

Features of a Mobile App for Pharmacy Management

Features of a Mobile App for Pharmacy Management Depending on the exact scope of the micro-niche of the pharmacy app you want to develop, the features may vary. However, we’ve listed some common features every pharmacy management app should have.

Login and Registration

This feature allows users to create an account using their email, phone number, or social media credentials.


Search and Filtering

Make browsing through available medicines and healthcare products easier with a search bar and filter system. Allow users to segregate the products based on name, brand, category, price, rating, etc. This feature will help users compare different products and make the right buying decision.

Cart and Payment

This feature is a staple of all eCommerce apps, pharmacy or otherwise. You must allow users to add, edit, and remove items from their cart and proceed to checkout. To reduce the cart abandonment rate, you need to provide all major payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the key to keeping users engaged and compelling abandoned users to return. Provide users with timely reminders about their orders, deliveries, prescriptions, refills, offers, etc. Too many notifications can annoy users. So, give them the option to choose which notifications they want.


Navigating a pharmacy app can be overwhelming for normal people who lack knowledge about medicines. Having an AI-powered Chatbot can make the process as smooth as butter. However, the chatbot should redirect to a professional pharmacist in cases of serious issues.

Pharmacy Management App Development Steps

If you want to develop a pharmacy management app, there are certain things you need to get done before approaching a development partner. Here are the steps you should follow.

Analyze the Market and Research Competitors

You must test the waters before diving in. Understand the current trends, demands, and challenges of the online pharmacy market. Identify your target audience, their needs, demands, and pain points. This will give you an idea of how to refine your app idea for the best results.

Secondly, check what your competitors are up to. What are their strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points?

Define Your App’s Features

We’ve already mentioned the essential features your app needs to have. Create a list of additional features your app will require. Once the list is finalized, create user stories and use cases that describe how your app will work and what value it will provide to customers.

Create a Product Roadmap

This is a plan that outlines the scope and timeline for your pharmacy management app development project. This document will allow you to effectively communicate your requirements and expectations with your development partner.

Find Developers

This is the most important step in your development project. Having the right development partner by your side can do wonders. Research the top mobile app development companies and compare them based on various factors such as quality, reliability, communication, and expertise.

Once you shortlist a development company, approach it and share your requirements. Read this blog for a detailed guide on finding the right development partner.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Pharmacy Management App?

The pharmacy app development cost depends on various factors, such as the type, complexity, and functionality of your app and the platform you want to target (iOS, Android, or both). Here’s a rough breakdown:

Basic App: A simple pharmacy management app with essential features can cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

Medium Complexity App: If you’re planning to include some additional features like an AI-based chatbot, advanced search algorithms, and integration with external databases, the cost can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

Advanced App: For a feature-rich app with advanced AI algorithms, real-time data analytics, and other advanced features, the cost goes north of $100,000.

Keep in mind that these features are just estimations. The actual cost will change based on the development team’s location, expertise, and the specific requirements of your app.

Develop Your Pharmacy Management App

WDI’s expert mobile app development team is the key to building a successful pharmacy app. Our command over prominent app development frameworks and advanced AI/ML integrations allows you to get complete services under one roof.

For 20+ years, we have developed many healthcare solutions for startups, corporations, and enterprises. We know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you build a robust solution for your audience.

Contact us today to start your pharmacy management app development project!


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