Is it possible for an Android wear to work with iPhone?

When it comes to thinking of iPhone and Android app compatibility and synchronization, the biggest debate pertains to whether Android wear can actually work properly with iPhones. Many experts and industry analysts reckon that the Apple watch may well be announced and be a tangible threat to Android wear. Others often talk about a specific iOS application that will work properly Android wear and there are many who hound their nearest iPhone app development company for updates in this aspect.

When Android Wear was released, Google did not commit to a proper answer with regard to the compatibility of its flagship smartwatch with iPhones. The Android Wear is definitely a value proposition in terms of its price and features and falls midway between the Pebble and the Apple Watch as a smart proposition for urban customers. Android Wear does support apps but currently, Google Now is what it is focused on. Many experts feel that iPhones can be made to work with Android Wear through two simple steps, i.e. compatibility of an iOS application with Android Wear despite the absence of an Android smartphone and of course, proper communication between iPhones and Android Wear with regard to using and accessing the internet.

A common iPhone and Android app will work wonders with regard to joining iPhones and Android Wear together. There should be ideally an app store built for running smoothly on the watch and this could be made compatible with the iPhone. A new app store on the lines of the Kindle Fire from Amazon is desired to make this possible to some extent. In addition, the app has to be fast and light enough to actually keep running whenever an Android Wear watch communicates with an iOS smartphone platform. The entire mechanism can be inspired hugely by the workings of the Pebble smartwatch.

The problem arises whenever the Android Wear device seeks out at least a medium connection with an Android smartphone for the receipt of internet updates and notifications. This connection has to be a must or else the Android Wear will not really be able to display anything garnered from the internet. Firmware has to be attained for the operating system of Android Wear in this regard. There are several tools that can be used for unlocking bootloaders for obtaining the desired firmware. In addition, open-source downloading and subsequent compilation may help, followed by interception and identification of low-level connections from Android smartphones. These can thereafter be directly sent to iPhones.

Using iPhones as generic Bluetooth devices might work or Android Wear watches can communicate with specific background apps running on the iPhone. These are probabilities in case you badly want to see an iPhone compatible Android Wear smartwatch. However, feasibility is a different ball game altogether. Apple will be launching updated versions of its own smartwatches in the near future and this might totally negate the need to make iPhones and Android Wear smartwatches work together. People would simply shift to cutting-edge versions from Apple instead!

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