10 Main Start-up Questions for a Mobile App Developer

Start-up Questions for a Mobile App Developer

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Here are some essential questions that you must ask your mobile app developer. These questions will help you get a clear and concise idea of whether you are receiving suitable mobile application development services or not.

Here are the key questions that you should definitely keep in mind:

  • Have you got any relevant work samples with respect to app development for mobile?

Asking for proper work samples or a proper portfolio is a must if you want to assess the kind of mobile application development services that the individual or organization has offered to clients in the past. You should always look to assess the portfolio of an app designer independently and neutrally with regard to determining the skills and capabilities of the developer. Experienced developers will always have a proper portfolio to display and will definitely be able to give you a thorough glimpse of what they can do.

  • Can you tell me your pricing details and explain how the project will move forward?

Eligibility is a prime area of concern that you must look to address. You should look to determine whether your developer is qualified to work on your particular project or not. Always try to find out about specific industry eligibility and experience and also find out other details and information that match the needs of your project. Always ask about similar applications that your developer may have created in the past.

  • How long will my mobile app take to develop?

Always ask about the developer’s philosophy when it comes to pricing plans and transparency. Never go for someone who promises you the moon at a very cheap price. Ask about the project deliverables, payment methods preferred by the developer and the kind of work agreements he/she has been used to.

  • Are there any specific clauses of confidentiality or intellectual property?

You should always inquire about anticipated turnaround times for projects and should look to garner a coherent and tangible start and end date for the project.

  •  In what skills does your development team hold expertise?

Always inquire about intellectual property rights and other confidentiality clauses that your developer is familiar with. Get him/her to sign a nondisclosure agreement along with a written legal work contract. In case of any reluctance, steer clear at the first possible opportunity!

  • What are your ownership and copyright terms?

Always look for anything special that your developer can bring to your app and ask him/her to talk about the unique USP that he/she can actually give you with the project.

  • Can you enlighten me about monetization opportunities for my app?

Proper project terms and ownership guidelines should be discussed along with copyright issues in order to bypass disputes in future.

  • Can the app concept be executed tangibly?

Always get an idea of the feasibility and tangible value of the app idea or concept that you want to execute. Ask your developer to examine its monetization possibilities and other developmental attributes. Your developer should be absolutely in the loop about your idea.

  • How do you go about app testing?

Always learn more about the testing procedure for your mobile app to be followed by your developer and ensure that you are in agreement with the same.

  • Have you got any client testimonials I can look at?

Always make sure you have client testimonials and recommendations to look at. This will give you ample reassurance while choosing a developer for your project.

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