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App Marketing - Acquisition, Interaction, & PersonalisationWhen it comes to some potent app marketing tips for mobile application, performance revenue can help you immensely. App marketing is a field that is still nascent and untapped to a large extent. There are several best practices and strategies which are largely unknown to the general public. You will always find it hard to receive tangible advice that can be implemented in your app based marketing campaigns right away. Performance Revenue offers a fantastic guide for getting the maximum ROI (return on investment) on your app-based marketing campaign, negotiating successfully with mobile ad networks and of course, cutting out any chances of fraud in your marketing endeavours. This guide is definitely worth a try!

Performance Revenue talks of one crucial aspect that you must always keep in mind with regard to getting the maximum ROI on your app marketing campaigns. This stands as ROI=ARPU/CPA. Here, ARPU stands for Average Revenues Per User which effectively translates into the overall revenues generated by users throughout a lifetime, using the common monetization methods of in-ad purchases or advertisements. This is also referred to as LTV or Life Time Value in some cases.

Alongside, CPA stands for the Cost Per Acquisition, or the basic costs involved in getting these lifetime revenue-generating users. This always has to be lower than the ARPU for your marketing campaign to actually succeed for the app. This is one of Performance Revenue’s most basic app marketing tips and it also provides solutions for reaching this desired level of profits. This involves certain steps:

Segmentation as a tangible formula

Even though positive ROI may be almost impossible to seek out, going by the global average, you may still attain enough profitability by sticking to segments that are best for you. It makes sense to identify and target these segments for enhanced profitability. All numbers should be measured and divided on the basis of the following segments:

  • Operating system (OS)
  • Source
  • Country
  • Traffic

Is Android better than iOS?

Android usually provides CPI rates that are approximately cheaper to the tune of 20-30% in comparison to the iOS platform. However, iOS users are seen to expend more money on in-app purchases and even advertisement revenue is higher in most cases As a result, these customers are worth considerably more in the long run. Yet, Android is steadily growing in terms of market share and even accounts for close to 80% of all smartphones in multiple countries. As a result, using Android sometimes makes more sense.

Are Incentivized users better for your marketing needs?

Incentivized users are those who are provided certain incentives to install an application in the form of virtual currencies or reward points on other apps and platforms. However, these users are less likely to take an active interest in an app and are prone to switching to other incentivized models at the drop of a hat. However, the CPI is considerably lower in this case and you can well get five users at the price of one. Some of them may stay on actively and high traffic volumes bump up your store ranking which can draw multiple other users in turn.

Hence, opting for incentivized users may be one of the best app marketing tips to implement in addition to choosing the right network provider for your needs. ROI can be positive if you receive traffic from networks with multiple sources.

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