10 tips to Increase the Performance of iPhone Apps


iphone application development - Contact usWant to boost the performance of your iPhone apps? You should look no further than some simple and common tips in this regard. There are many tips which can actually help you get your apps to perform better and speed them up in a manner of speaking. App performance is directly and indirectly linked to your mobile OS and smartphone performance and here is where some of these tips come in really handy at times.

  • Lose features which are not indispensable

You should definitely get rid of certain attributes of iOS 7 that are not really indispensable if you want to boost the performance of your iPhone apps development. These include dynamic backgrounds and other background processing. These only affect performance and will give you a torrid time with your favorite apps.

  • Disabling some special effects

Want your apps to perform better? Disable transparency and blur effects at the very first opportunity. Use the Settings tab to change accessibility options in this case. These effects eat up into the overall processing power of your iPhone and hinder app performance by a long margin.

  • Clean up your iPhone

Getting your iPhone apps to run better involves cleaning up your smartphone on a regular basis. You should always endeavor to keep 500MB to 1 GB of free space on your phone at all times. This will give you apps the much-needed juice to store added data and will prevent app crashes. You will definitely find some apps that are taking up extra space and deleting these and unnecessary files and folders will help immensely in this regard.

  • Change your iPhone settings

You should definitely look to disable Ping and other location-based services that may hinder with app performance in addition to other push notifications for email and unnecessary apps.

  • Change your iTunes settings

This should be part of your cleaning up manual at all times. Syncing settings should be examined closely with a view towards cutting some flab. You may have already been using alternative applications for certain iTunes functions and the repetitions should be avoided.

  • Get rid of unnecessary applications

Most of us remain addicted to several iPhone apps without realizing that unnecessary ones can actually hinder the performance of our favorites. You should create a page for most-used apps and a holding bin page for new app testing. This strategy will help you identify and remove all those apps you did not quite take a liking to.

  • Close other running apps in the background

Well, this is simple enough; you have to double-tap the home button and swipe accordingly to close any running apps. Too many running apps can hinder your application user experience. This strategy automatically speeds up app loading and performance.

  • Reduce applications which keep downloading huge volumes of data

Always turn off data updates that you don’t need for your iPhone apps. This will help you get a faster and smoother experience with other apps that you use regularly.

  • Disable auto application updates

Disabling these updates will definitely free your processor to focus more on the latest high performing app you just downloaded! This is another simple step towards speeding up apps.

  • Keep an eye on processing speed

Always endeavor to keep unnecessary 3D effects turned off to boost processing speed by a good margin. This always works with regard to boosting overall app performance.

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