Improve Project Delivery and Client Acceptance with Scrum

Scrum has created quite a flutter in the mainstream website development circuit. Many developers and other industry experts have taken to various platforms to express their appreciation for the same in glowing terms. Does it really help? Scrum is one of the most pioneering and innovative Agile methodologies currently in existence. This methodology is essentially flexible, adaptive, swift and effective. It has been tailored to offer quick and notable value all throughout the duration of a project. Scrum is favoured by multiple industry pundits on account of the communicational transparency that it ensures in addition to its seamless creation of an environment that witnesses both consistent progress and accountability from a collective perspective.

Scrum has a clearly defined framework and this has been impeccably structured to ensure ample support for service and product development across multiple industry sectors and this is applicable for even the most complex of projects. Apart from hassle-free website development, Scrum can actually spark a tangible increase in ROI for several projects. Project success can never be guaranteed at all times and uncertainty is a lingering part of the entire development process. However, delivering results is made swifter and hassle-free by Scrum and hence the tangible ROI increase mentioned earlier.

How can you boost client acceptance and delivery of projects via Scrum?

Projects are mainly collaborative activities geared towards the creation of newer services or products in addition to result delivery. Project results are always expected to facilitate returns in the form of service value or even any tangible business. Value is the core component that motivates organizations with regard to going ahead with projects. The value-driven delivery principle is very important here. Scrum ensures value-driven delivery at really early stages of projects and this keeps on happening throughout the entire duration of the same.

The whole value delivery concept is a vital cog in the wheel as far as the Scrum framework is concerned. The framework is indeed an alluring proposition for senior management officials and stakeholders of companies alike. This is unique in comparison to other conventional models of project management which usually go hand in hand with the following:

  • Changes in needs post initiation of projects give rise to hurdles and consume immense time
  • Business value does not quite influence requirement based priorities
  • Realization of value only arises post completion of projects and final delivery

The Agile Manifesto principles of website development are fleshed out below:

  • Customer satisfaction is the foremost priority along with consistent software delivery
  • Evolving requirements are welcomed no matter how late they may arise
  • Working software delivery should be in sync with shorter time periods spanning two weeks to months
  • Developers and business management teams must collaborate regularly for projects
  • Talented, dynamic individuals have to be supported and empowered as deemed fit
  • Development teams must rely on face to face discussions for knowledge exchange
  • Basic progress can only be tracked through working software
  • Sustainable development via agile work processes is possible through a consistent output
  • Cutting edge design and technical prowess are a must
  • Simplicity is the key to success
  • Self-organized work teams are the ones that churn out innovative designs and architectures
  • Periodic assessment and reflection on team effectiveness and subsequent action is desirable

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