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The ASP .Net web development framework offers multiple advantages for programmers and.Net Developers. ASP basically translates into Active Server Pages and has been created by Microsoft for building web applications and pages that are dynamic in nature. ASP is a useful cog in the wheel for.Net development. ASP is a very useful tool for custom web development and will benefit software programmers immensely. It is majorly made use of for creating web pages that are both dynamic and content-rich in nature along with developing web applications.

.Net development does not take only ASP into account. It also enables.Net developers to use noted programming languages like VB, J# and C#. A visual studio is essentially a development tool made by Microsoft Corporation. ASP-based applications in attractive avatars can be made with Visual Studio and when it comes to server-side scripting technology, there is no alternative to ASP.NET. Websites with ASP are usually hosted by Windows web servers. The content of web pages was always static earlier and had to be modified and rehashed manually all over again. However, changing and updating content on any website is now possible automatically courtesy of the latest web technology and here is where ASP plays a vital role.

There are multiple advantages provided by the ASP Dot Net Framework especially when it comes to custom web development. These advantages have been listed below:

  • NET brings down the line of code that is required for the development of applications that are usually large or humungous in size
  • Another huge advantage pertains to authentication attributes built into Windows and configuration on a per-application basis. This beefs up the safety and security quotient of all your applications
  • NET frameworks are perfect server-side scripting technologies and hence, the code always keeps running on Windows-based servers before it is shown on the web browser itself
  • When it comes to web development of a dynamic and engaging nature, HTML and ASP codes can seamlessly intermingle for the creation of the same
  • Dot NET frameworks are independent of programming language barriers and stipulations. One can literally select any language that seems fitting for an application or web page
  • Built-in configuration information makes the deployment of ASP.NET a hassle-free process
  • All web pages, applications running over it and other components are extensively scrutinized and monitored by the Windows Web server in question. Unbounded loops, illegal activity or memory leaks are instantly observable through a helpful system of alerts. This helps in curbing such behaviour and automatic restarting
  • Superior performance levels are ensured through caching services, JIT compilation, early binding and native optimization supports
  • Monitoring and management of application processes is of immense help with regard to ensuring application availability for tackling requests
  • Visual Studio possesses the WYSIWYG editor tool which is another benefit

ASP.NET frameworks are next-generation platforms and are widely used for the creation of web pages and web applications that are engaging and dynamic in nature. This technology is usually regarded to be the best bet for creating small-sized and large corporate websites alike!

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