The biggest difficulty with Android Apps – How to Solve?


Almost every Android app enjoys customer appreciation and acknowledgement in today’s times. Android is the biggest thing in the technology sphere these days and multiple companies are getting into Android app development which is the best way to reach out to millions of customers with elan and sell services or other value offerings at competitive prices in the mainstream tech market. In this case, a good Android app developer is the need of the hour and this is not hard to find, provided you go to a professional web design company. A competent and experienced company will give you a solid team of the best app developers, designers and project managers to rely on.

A good web design company will join hands with you and execute and market your next big idea to perfection through cutting edge apps. However, there are multiple problems that can often plague any Android app. These are often hindrances at every stage of Android app development and need to be carefully looked into. Any Android app developer will tell you that apps often develop problems with regard to starting, initializing, switching between menus and carrying out other functions. There are some common steps towards fixing most issues with Android applications.

These steps include the following:

  • Updating the app to its latest version which automatically removes all bugs and fixes minor errors
  • Force stopping and restarting the app which can get it working perfectly again
  • Clearing cache and unnecessary data, the accumulation of which can often wreak havoc on your apps
  • Checking network access often helps solve the problem
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling any Android app often aids in fixing most errors
  • Changing your password is also of immense help in most cases

Common Android app development problems include missing source folders or build path errors or even inability to open class file This can be fixed by selecting the Clean option from the Project menu. Sometimes, content activity is not found for an Android app and it suddenly stops during execution or at the start of the application. This has to be solved by declaring the activity in your AndroidManifest.xml. In some cases, communication with the emulator or your Android-based device may be problematic. This is taken care of by the Android Debug Bridge and the adb has to be reset in order to fix the problem.

There are other problems involved in app development such as the following:

  • Fragmentation-based problems which can be solved by testing of apps on multiple devices. This will tell you how consistent user experience is across various devices. Cutting out traditional app versions is often the solution
  • Testing and Development related problems usually mean a wave of new updates that users are unable to handle and this puts a spanner in the works as far as new user updates are concerned. A proper gap of at least a week should be provided between version updates
  • Metrics is one area in which developers often neglect and hence cannot gauge customer interactivity with the app on Android. An appropriate analytics platform has to be tied up with for the best and most accurate statistics

Solving Android app related problems is possible with the right steps and techniques and the best app developers can be of immense help with regard to getting your app out of the rut and fully optimized again!

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