Color Vs Contrast – Which factor brings in more conversions?

color vs contrast

Most people know colour psychology and there are hundreds of infographics, case studies and articles that talk about this issue in different ways. Colours affect our choices and can also impact the process of decision making. However, for web design & development, they should not be followed blindly as there is a catch always. This article discusses the part of contrast in creating eye catching and striking CTAs. The change in colour from calm and soft green to bold and drastic red for drawing more attention may not always be great. If no base is provided for it to appear loud, flashy or prominent, there will hardly be any effect. The base is here is contrast. Here are a few examples where sharp and thought out contrast is presented as well as action buttons that blend safely into the environment, which means their importance is lost.

ESPN Sports Programming

The ESPN Sports Programming front page is an excellent example which shows how colour could play an important role in raising conversions. The red CTA strikes the eye first because of its drastic colour and the solid background. It looks way more appealing than regular lettering on the right hand side.

Metaverse Mod Squad

This website is another great example of a design which follows the rules of colour psychology. On the website, red has been used like an emphasis tool which easily distinguishes important details like the menu icon, “Hire Us” link and the CTA from the overall flow of content. Even though the artistic touches and backdrop produces an OTT effect, these three icons are always in focus.


The website has a contrast between the main and background colours which makes the CTA eye catching immediately. However, the button does not look good even though it has been coloured a bright hue of red for the same contrast.

Teletrack Plus

The website has a businesslike, magnificent look which exudes a sense of dependability and trust. Even though the landing page is laden with content and the device mock ups and lists of features, the yellow button at the bottom is eye catching and distinct thanks to the highly saturated colour. The skilful choice of colours breaks away from the central colour palette which salvages the situation.

Icons Responsive

The homepage of the Icons Responsive is quite a busy one and has several interesting things on it. It has a navigation bar, a large logo type, a short description and an animation that will grab your attention. Nonetheless, despite the intensity of content, two buttons grab your eye instantly.

Finding instances of seamless colouring and bad contrast is not so difficult. Here are a few websites where the CTA should be enhanced somewhat for bringing in more conversions.

100 Thoughtful Acts

The website has great aesthetics and is unparalleled. However, the small CTA which finishes off the text part appears slightly dull. Even though the red appears to be the correct decision, it aids the button to mesh in rather than stand out. An important aspect of web design & development is to make the essentials stand out.

Lucerne Health

The background of the site has a spectacular photo on it which is hard to turn away from. The CTA is perfectly supported with the theme and takes advantage of the serene and calm blue tone. However, the coloring only keeps away the CTA from becoming the centre of attraction.

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