How Mobile App Developers Can Help You To Kick Start Your Business

How Mobile App Developers Can Help You To kick Start Your Business
How Mobile App Developers Can Help You To kick Start Your Business

In 2022, a mobile app is the best asset for a startup to expand their business and customer base. More people are using smartphones as compared to desktops or laptops.

Although there are browsers on smartphones, a mobile app is still the ideal way to do any activity on a smartphone.

Push notifications, offline usage, high-end features, and gamification are some of the things that are only possible through a mobile app.

You have made the best decision for your business by planning to create a mobile app.

However, bigger decisions mean bigger dilemmas.

With mobile apps, there are so many paths available to take that it can become overwhelming for a startup owner.

  • Should you hire individual in-house programmers?
  • Should you rely on app builders?
  • Should you hire a freelancer?
  • Should you invest in a template?
  • Should you hire third-party mobile app developers?

Each of these options has their pros and cons, but when it comes to building the best app for your startup, there is nothing better than a dedicated mobile app development company.

You will have to compromise on a few or many things with the other options, but if you have the resources, a dedicated mobile app development company will provide you with everything you need for developing the app.

12 Advantages of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

A mobile app development company like WDI comes with years of expertise and a large cadre of professionals.

This provides you with all-around support for all your objectives.

Here are 12 benefits you will get by hiring mobile app developers like WDI.

1: Guidance

For a startup owner without much technical knowledge, investing in an app can be a mind-boggling task. There are so many questions in your mind that can make you go mad.

  • Is my app idea any good?
  • What features does the app need?
  • What technology should be used?
  • What aspects of the concept can be improved?
  • Should I get the app made in one go?
  • How much money should I spend?

These are the kinds of questions that can nag at you all the time.

If you hire an in-house development team, they are going to look to you for guidance.

If you do not have the technical expertise, it will be grueling for you to explain your idea to them, and it will cause nothing but a big mess.

The project will suffer from immense errors, and you will end up blaming the developers for that. It will take a much longer time to complete and will also drain your pockets.

A freelancer will not be able to provide any significant insights single-handedly.

This is where a mobile app development company can help you turn the mountain of technological complexities into a molehill.

At WDI, we have a whole team of professionals with years of expertise in app development, project management, marketing, and more who can solve all your queries. They will break down all the complex technological jargon into language you can comprehend.

The first thing you will get is an expanded version of your idea with all the necessary details.

Basically, we convert your raw idea into a complete plan of action.

This plan of action includes all the features required for your app. This is decided by the development and UX design teams after in-depth research into your concept.

The next thing is the technologies that are going to be used. For a startup, this is the most confusing decision to make. You can spend days researching and still not arrive at a conclusion.

But our development team can figure it out quickly after understanding your app idea. They have years of experience in developing mobile apps with multiple technologies, and that helps them to make such decisions easily.

Then we decide the theme of your mobile app based on your brand image. Our marketing team brainstorms on the colors, shapes, images, and fonts that will be used. You get a complete brand guidelines presentation on how the app is going to be designed.

Your queries and suggestions will be addressed to finalize the project so that the development team can start working.

All of this is something you cannot get with in-house developers or freelancers. In that case, you have to take the lead and create a plan of action.

2: Business Analysis

Just developing an app is not enough. You need to know where it will stand in the market. Will people use it and to what extent? What adjustments are required to cater to the target audience?

All of this is done by the business analyst team and is required to get your app the success it deserves. Not having one is like opening your shop in the middle of the Kalahari desert.

With WDI, you get a dedicated business analyst team that conducts research about your business and its scope. They create a plan on how your app can get ahead of your competitors and dominate the market.

You also get a detailed competitor analysis, explaining what your competitors are doing to excel and what you can do better.

3: Prototype Development

Prototype Developement

A prototype is basically a blueprint of your app. It shows you how the app will look when developed.

This helps you to know whether the project is heading in the right direction or not.

Any changes or improvements can be made without any additional charge.

When it comes to hiring in-house developers or freelancers, you might have to pay extra for developing the prototype.

Without a prototype, you have to wait for the app to be developed to get an understanding of how it will look. It is like constructing a building without a blueprint, it will never be perfect.

By working with mobile app developers like WDI, you get prototype development as the first step of making the app.

Without the approval of the prototype, we do not move forward with the project.

Our UI/UX designers understand your vision and mold the prototype design to meet every single one of your requirements to make it flawless.

This guarantees that the project is completed without any problems.

4: Technology Stack

Technology Stack

When hiring in-house developers, you have to be confident about the technology you are going to use.

Every developer has mastered only one or two technologies. Once you hire the developer, you are forced to work with what you have.

If you realize later that the technology you had decided to work with is not capable of handling the project, you will have to hire more developers, thus causing unnecessary expenses.
Also, firing the hired developers is going to be a challenge. This makes it mandatory for you to be 100% sure about the technology you are going to use.

When you hire mobile app developers like WDI, we do the research for you to finalize a technology.

We have multiple programmers across all technologies to ensure that all app ideas get the right one.

Depending on your requirements, we will tell you which technology is going to be best for your project.

Here are some of the technologies we work with:
React Native

With a huge technology stack and multiple experts using it, you have absolutely nothing to worry about getting the right one for your app.

5: Expertise


You can hire experienced developers in-house, but there is a catch. None of them have worked together.

They will require a lot of time to bond with each other and enhance their teamwork.

This means more time and money for the project to be completed.

All of this can be avoided by hiring mobile app developers like WDI.

Here, we make apps day in and day out. This allows us to create smashing mobile apps in less time.

With our talent and expertise, we confidently incorporate advanced features and solve technical difficulties with ease.

Mobile app development requires a huge team of experts like project managers, UI/UX designers, programmers, content writers, testers, etc.

It is a challenge to find and hire all of them. Most importantly, it is time-consuming.

With WDI, you get all of them under one roof.

We are aware of the latest trends and system updates in smartphones, and this allows us to create ground-breaking mobile apps, ready for the future.

6: MVP Development

What is mvp developement

An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product, which has enough features to get your business out there.

Developing an MVP is a crucial part of mobile app development as it allows you to get your business started without having to wait for the complete app.

At WDI, we launch your MVP within eight weeks so you can start working. We release further features with updates every two weeks.

This saves a lot of time as you do not have to wait for complete app development.

7: Project Management

When you hire a mobile app development company, your project is handled with a set method that is known to produce quality results.

At WDI, we follow the Hybrid method of project management, which is a combination of the Waterfall and Scrum methodologies.

From the moment the scope of work is finalized till the launch of the MVP, we follow the Waterfall methodology. This means all of the work is done in one go without any breaks.

After launching the MVP, we deliver updates at regular intervals of two weeks following the scrum methodology.

With a proven track record of successful apps, the Hybrid methodology has been a game changer for us.

When you do everything by yourself, you have to figure out how to manage the entire project. But when you choose WDI, we handle everything for you with a streamlined process, making every piece fit in its place.

8: High-Standards

At WDI, we have high standards of quality that we always maintain. We provide exceptional mobile apps that have an enjoyable user experience, thus creating stronger business and user bonds.

We maintain a portfolio of all the apps we have developed, and we do our best to maintain our reputation. When you hire our mobile app developers, you are assured of excellence.

A poor app means a poor portfolio, and mobile app development companies try their best to not let that happen.

Compared to a freelancer, a company cannot go underground after bad services. They have to face the backlash, and that is why they make maximum efforts to avoid any subpar product delivery.

9: Freedom From Legal Troubles

Mobile apps and online financial exchanges are like honey to fraudsters and scammers, leading to many legal cases.

You also have to deal with a bunch of rules and regulations to ensure that your mobile app abides by them all.

Although legal problems cannot be totally avoided, hiring a mobile app development company can minimize that to a great extent.

Companies like WDI adhere to legal rules and regulations, giving you some comfort in this part.

They handle all legal documents required for developing the mobile app.

All contracts, like non-disclosure agreements, are prepared beforehand for you.

Just a friendly reminder, do read all documents before signing.

10: 24/7 Support

Freelancers are only available when they feel like it. They are humans and require time to sleep and perform other duties.

However, mobile app development companies have a reputation to live up to. They have a dedicated round-the-clock support team to handle all client queries.

If you have any suggestions or changes to be implemented immediately, you can easily contact the mobile app developers and get your message across.

You get multiple support systems like messaging, email, phone numbers, video conferencing, etc. at your service.

From our end, we provide regular updates to our clients about the project details, progress reports, and other minor details.

24/7 Support

11: Budget Friendly

It may be hard to believe, but opting for a mobile app development company is cheaper than hiring freelancers or an in-house development team.

When you hire a freelancer or an in-house development team, you have to pay them according to the number of weeks you hire them for.

First of all, without technical expertise, it will take ages just to explain exactly what you want to your team.

If somehow you manage to build the app, it will most likely be half baked and require many improvements. This will further increase development time and your expenses

12: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

There is absolutely no use in launching a mobile app if no one downloads it.

Digital marketing is a must to spread awareness about your app and compel people to download it.

At WDI, we provide a dedicated digital marketing team who creates an extensive digital marketing strategy to promote your app and make sure it reaches the targeted audience.

From branding to marketing, we handle everything to get your app the success it deserves.

We have dedicated experts for SEO, blog writing, and social media marketing who know the ins and outs of their platforms and can drive traffic to your app.


Hiring mobile app developers is the best step forward for startups looking forward to creating an app for their business.

Which ones to hire is a challenge in itself. Let us help you decide: WDI.

With over 21 years of experience in software development, WDI is the leading mobile app development company in the world.

From fintech to children’s apps, we have a portfolio of successful app deliveries across multiple categories.

Our cadre of professionals possesses unmatched expertise in the latest technologies like Flutter, React Native, Laravel, Angular, and Ionic, just to name a few.

All you have to do is share the concept of your app with us and we will take it from there, expanding your idea, designing wireframes and the prototype, delivering the MVP and further updates.

Contact us now and let us start working on your app right away.

Author: Wdipl

WDI, founded in 1999, is a leading mobile app development company. We believe in making a change with our mobile apps and highly researched blogs that explain complicated technological aspects in a simplified and enjoyable manner. We take pride in guiding mobile app startups to bring their app ideas into reality with our expertise.

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