How to Make a Simple yet Efficient Video for your Website?

Create Engaging videos for your brand - Consult with our ExpertsVideo has emerged as a vital part of websites and online business. Faster internet speeds on mobile phones, homes, and offices have allowed developers to use videos more efficiently to deliver a quick message while making a high impact. This is possible because HD quality videos can be streamed without any delay in loading or playing on any device anywhere.

Good videos also alleviate a brand image. It helps businesses to connect with their client or target audience far quicker than any other traditional methods like brochures, texts, images or banners/collages.

I have personally worked on creating many videos and hence I can share my experience and knowledge. I guess the idea is to keep it less than 180 Sec and deliver about 8-10 short and simple messages. The rule I follow is to create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 12-15 slides. Each slide must have only about 15 words. Now that is very difficult as we usually have so much to say. But my advice is that the saying bit must be done by a Script narrated by a Voice artist. Video marketing is the best way to conduct and message.

What you want to say is the voice-over script. What you want to focus on is the text in PPT slides. That is the demarcation I have used in all projects I have worked upon.

The usual process I follow is this

  1. Make a PPT in the same sequence as you see the video delivering the message.
  1. Write/Record a script that will go with the PPT. The voice-over will be an indicator of the length of the video.
  1. Run the two together and you will get a fairly good idea of what the video may look like.
  1. Choose a video making tool (based on your budget and liking we can choose the right one for you)
  1. Shortlist the type of imagery you would like to use for your video and the background music (you can choose cartoon characters or real-life images). The Background music will set the tempo of the animation and transitions between slides.
  1. Leave it to the Designer to do their job and see the first 10 secs, which will give you a good idea of the theme. Alternately if you are creating your own video, use available theme and animation.
  1. Make adjustments/modification till we get the first few seconds exactly to your taste
  1. Complete the whole video as per the PPT and the VoiceOver.
  1. Make final adjustments and go live by publishing it in the most widely used formats and video sizes (your video tools will help you do that)
  2. Use it on your website, offline meetings, and Social Media. (I carry a copy of my video on my iPhone and iPad all the time).

We can do all the above for you, all we need from you is the idea and objective.

I will be more than happy to work with you on your video/s. Let us discuss this in more detail by email or by a voice call as ideas are usually difficult and time-consuming to write.

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