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HTML5 has long been preferred by web developers for the creation and structuring of web content. This is one element that is mostly pre-installed in most browsers. This makes it easy for designers to make ads that can be integrated quite seamlessly with the existing content available. Most browsers are compatible with HTML5 and this is another plus point for developers. Rich media creative content comes out fantastically on HTML5 as the browser itself executes the rendering, thereby making Flash and other third party plugins unnecessary for serving ads.

However, owing to this flexibility and other benefits, HTML5 creative content does not provide any guarantee with regard to being rendered similarly on all browsers. You can look at using software programs for your content marketing ads on HTML5. There are many programs that support Rich Media Ads. The In-page creative is the most rudimentary format for ads and usually appears within borders that are preset on the page. This does not provide for expansion or coverage of any additional page content. Post building the creative content, you can actually serve it up in a mobile environment as well.

You should first validate your HTML file as invalid files will only lead to the generation of errors. You also require appropriate CSS files and JavaScript files with a .js extension as opposed to .min.js. Minifying will only hinder tracking and should only be chosen upon prior requests from the client. You should look to opt for image files that are supported like PNG, JPG and GIF. Backup PNG or JPG images should be with you for each and every ad size. You can also choose to keep a Flash backup though this is not really compulsory. Video files with a .mp4 extension are supported and the H.264 codec must be present. Other file types that are supported include OGG, WEBM and OGV. There are other tools like Edge Animate which help you whip up content marketing ads in a super quick time.

This is one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools that help you create creative animations based on HTML5 and these can be seamlessly used across desktop, mobile and web platforms without any hassles. You can actually import your desired images and start animating immediately with this tool. This helps you export graphics from Adobe Illustrator and dragging and dropping files is also possible. There are various custom templates that may well save you loads of time while working on projects of a similar nature. You can even add gesture-based special effects to your animations along with using customized motion paths.

This gives you loads of control over object movements in addition to helping you use motion paths for layouts that are re-sizable. All HTML5 based content you create will automatically be compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and a whole host of Android and iOS devices. There are several handy text and drawing tools that can be used for churning out some mind-boggling creative content on HTML5.

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