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Get current & latest updates on Microsoft Windows 10Microsoft recently showcased Windows 10 and this may well set the cat amongst the pigeons in the mainstream technology sphere according to experts. Billed as a boon for website development in India and other technological processes, Windows 10 has generated even more news on account of the proposed free upgrade that will be given to Windows 7, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 users for the very first year post the launch of the same. This is a novel strategy on part of Microsoft and will definitely pull in the crowds without a doubt.

Windows will be delivered as a mainstream service, another aspect that is quite unique in a manner of speaking. Customers will now be able to access multiple innovative features instead of looking to future releases. Multiple universal applications can be created by users for all devices such as the Xbox, computers, smartphones, tablets, the Internet of Things and many more. Windows Updates will be available in addition to cutting-edge security features and other enhancements.

Users will certainly love the exclusive Cortana or personal digital assistant that provides considerably swifter access to information in addition to the code-named Project Spartan browser that can seamlessly be annotated by a keyboard or even directly written on with pens for social sharing. Office applications are set to be overhauled with better file editing and creating attributes in addition to inking features for real-time slide annotation in PowerPoint. Maps, Calendar, Photos, Music, Messaging, Videos, and Mail will work similarly across all kinds of devices too. The handy continuum mode will allow users to switch between tablets and computers without any hassles.

In what is set to redefine website development in India a wee bit, Windows 10 offers immense scope in the form of the Microsoft HoloLens. With multiple APIs, holographic real-world experiences can be conjured up by developers and 3D holograms can be used to depict Windows universal apps. Holograms can be communicated with and can access information without any PC, wired or phone connections. Additionally, the Surface Hub has been unveiled as a natural accessory and is a device with a gargantuan screen where content can be shared and edited seamlessly by several people through multiple devices.

Windows 10 definitely symbolizes a whole new generation, something that enables users to be faster and more productive at home and work. Though the release date has not been revealed yet, users and tech experts cannot wait for the multitude of new experiences in store!

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