Launching a Website? Here’s Why You Should Start with WordPress

When launching a website, you have a long list of things to do.

You need to get hosting, pick the package for you, then install a content management system.

The hosting depends on your budget and project. The larger your website, the higher the packages you need.

But content management is another thing.

A content management system must be picked carefully. Because that’ll be a foundation as you make changes throughout your site.

For that, we recommend WordPress. And below, we’ll discuss why it’s the best option for you.

Launching a Website? Start with wordpress - Discuss Your Project#1 – It’s Best for Bloggers.

Most of those who start websites do so to run blogs.

Even if you’re a business, you usually have a blog section. And there, you publish content, FAQs, and resources for clients.

For that, you need WordPress.

The WordPress content management style is designed for content creators, and specifically writers.


It’s organized.

The themes you can use on WordPress are well structured.

They’re designed to allow easy navigation on your site. And they improve the experience of clients viewing your articles.

Through WordPress, your blog will be like a book that’s easy to read.


What about Wikis?

You can do that too!

Wikis are just more detailed blogs, with more sophisticated search and navigation.


#2 – Easy to Use.

The WordPress platform isn’t designed for programmers. It’s made to work for dummies.

You can be someone with no programming experience, and run a WordPress site. And you can manage the basics alone, without needing specialist help.

WordPress provides tutorials on using its tools. And, there are many guides online that make the job easier.

In fact – WordPress use is a major niche in the online content world.


DIY for The Simple Fixes.

Minor adjustments can be done alone.

All you have to do is find a website that talks about WordPress. From there, search the advice you need and execute it.


#3 – Widespread Support.

This is the 3rd reason to use WordPress.

Most of your WordPress functions are executed with “plug-ins.

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