Why Choose WordPress ?

Used by approximately 75 Million websites, WordPress is by far the most open source Content Management System (CMS). Being free to install, deploy and upgrade. With thousand of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, that reduces development costs and deployment time.

The WordPress platform is known best to have about a myriad  of benefits like : free cost, holding a passionate community, developers are experienced and quickly expanding with their techniques with themes, layouts, plugins to allow it to accommodate any website need and definite purpose.

While most of the WordPress plugins are used as blogging platforms, it fits in with any organization

Still in doubt about the “WHY’s”, then turn on to the most definite reasons of WHY WordPress is worth switching over to, if you haven’t already.

No extra costing

– Whether it be a commercial website or a personal blog, It won’t charge you a penny more than what it usually will even if your site starts to get more traffic than you anticipated.

In addition to being reliable with its costing, it also is an open source, which means you can alter or improve the source code on whatever the way you would like it to be customized as to what you would want your website’s functionality or look.

Customization done on point

– Being flexible and ease in terms of customization are essential elements when it comes to site development. Do not hand over your problems to even more complicated terms, but lean over to stick around with flexible frameworks and infrastructures that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders and allowing possibilities for even bigger and greater development.

WordPress ease of modification includes

– Theme Frameworks

You get to choose to develop it from scratch or use a framework. It offers you ease of customization with opportunities for making the themes more extensible and dynamic.


JavaScript Standard Notation, a common format to communicate with other applications and languages, which means it enables WordPress to be your content management tool for any sort of language.

– Plugin API

Allows a module or subsystem to provide functionality in an object- oriented way.

Designed for all

– Most of the user- interface components are easy to use, with manuals available for easy learning about the functions and technicality of WordPress.

One of the premium plugins provided to the clients offers both written and video user manuals for WordPress to facilitate on boarding with the CMS

Search engine friendly

– WordPress is SEO friendly. popular search engines like Google and Bing, rank websites that use WordPress higher than those that do not. Why is this so? Because, the CMS framework makes it much easier for the search engines to come into rescue.

It is Safe to use.

– Hackers are the most scariest spiders that crawl on every site, creating fear in us about any popular platform. One of the reason why WordPress is so loved is cause of it’s security measures, that the WordPress Developers take to preserve the trust of it’s users.

The staffs constantly update the CMS, with the Plugs-ins that integrate with it.

Mobile Friendly

– You don’t have to overhaul your entire site to make it accessible on tablets and smart phones, since most of the themes are super responsive. WordPress also has an option for websites to be viewed in “Mobile View” for themes that are not responsive.


– Integrating with many popular 3rd- party platforms that makes your website modern, there are plenty of plugins that let you send out email campaigns and newsletters easily. There are different more plugins that allow you to accept credit card payments for an eCommerce site.

Multi-user Capabilities

– WordPress makes it simple to assign different access roles for different people. Few of the the roles the plugin, “WordPress Codex”, provides :

– Super Admin

Total access to website features

– Administrator

Access to administration features

– Editor

Publish your own posts and approve or remove the posts of other users.

– Author

Manage and publish the posts.

– Contributor

Manage and write posts , but really relies on administrator to approve them.

– Subscriber

Can view and edit their own profile.

Affordable Experts

– When it comes to best SEO consultant or web developer for your new content management system, you need to know what suits the best for your own need. Many web developers are experts when it comes to dealing with WordPress, which results into having an easier time finding one that can be utilize.

After building your website, you need to know how to be able to market it and that is when SEO comes into the picture. With WordPress being the best with management system , SEO professionals should know how what the platform is, to provide higher level of support, customization, optimization and user support.

Open Source CMS

– The WordPress building codes is free and can be accessed by all users. It does not work by keeping your online domain vulnerable. But, with WordPress Development Services you get into the initial step that includes improving your security for your website. You can with full ease download and alter the WordPress code, whenever it is needed.

Easier Hosting.

– Majority of the hosting plans include single- click installation for the CMS or come with its per-installed. Which means customers, have full freedom when it comes in deciding their host for the WordPress website. You can easily find the most cheapest and fastest hosting provider, and can set up a local installation on your computer for development and testing purposes.

To conclude, WordPress is the most efficient and easiest source for people who need an all new website of their own liking. It is free, responsive, secure and highly customizable. Looking out for a digital publishing platform, that can be used with ease and be confident about the security not being linked with hackers, you definitely need to try WordPress.