Mobile App Development and its Evolutionary Trends

Smartphones are a necessity in today’s age and era. Can you imagine living without your mobile for even a single day? But what makes this piece of the gadget so alluring in the recent times is not its ability to stay connected with people via calls and texts but due to the advances in the mobile applications that gives its users the most ultimate experience of mobile usage. The users are always looking for something new and hence it becomes inevitable that the web development company. keep up with the ever-changing trends. The number of new mobile apps is growing exponentially, while consumers are getting tired of having their mobile devices stuffed with all those apps. So, the competition in the mobile app development is going to become fiercer.

Mobile App Development and its Evolutionary TrendsMobile app development is a million dollar industry and has taken the world by a storm covering all aspects of human life. People think of an application and it is readily downloadable from the app stores across leading platforms. With the evolution of mobile phones and readily available internet connections by service providers, the application developer has emerged as a serious job market in India too.

In the initial days of web development, all applications that were present in a Play Store or Apple Store were built based on certain ideas. These ideas originated with the purpose of addressing a problem and bringing inconvenience.Most of these apps have now become a daily utility. For example, a couple of apps were launched to solve the problem of checking rates of various airlines and railways and booking their tickets. The apps were not meant to do any more than that. But we are in constant need for more features and easier accessibility which leads to a tug of war between two of the world’s most prominent app developers namely the Android app development services and the iPhone application developers.

Android is currently the largest global platform for sharing and allure the common people more whereas the iOS targets people with higher income and hence does not reach out to large demographics.

Few of the mobile application development that is expected to take the world by storm in the coming years include:

    • Space saving features- No matter how big the memory of your smartphone is we always end up cribbing about the lack of space. Mobile developers keep coming up with larger memories and we always end up filling them with more junk apps. This calls for the apps to be of a smaller size maintaining its top-notch quality. Not only does it demands lesser space but also facilitates its download from app stores.
    •  VR and AR apps- Visual and augmented reality apps are the next generation thing. How can you forget the raging mania of Pokemon Go? AR and VR technologies are now actively applied for making live streaming and travel apps as well as for creating VR marketplaces and various sales tools. They are also successfully used in health-care for treating psychological disorders and phobias.
    •  Push notification- This allows the user to interact via any social media without having to open the apps.
    •  Use of wearable gadgets- Wearable like the apple watches is gaining huge popularity to get all your work done while you are on the go.

Get a smart mobile app for your business - Contact us nowAndroid is currently the largest global platform for sharing and allure the common people more whereas the iOS targets people with higher income and hence does not reach out to large demographics. There are hundreds of mobile app development company all over the world with Small planet, Ustwo, Agens, Viget naming a few. There is also a surge in website development company in India like TechAhead and Openxcell although WDIPL (Website Developers India Private Limited) is one of the leading options offering cutting-edge website development solutions along with mobile app development services.

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