A path breaking mission for a cleaner India


swachata abhiyan

With growing environmental concerns over improper waste disposal and rising accumulation of solid waste in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set the wheels in motion for one of the biggest public cleanup drives in history. The Mahatma Gandhi Swachata Abhiyan is dedicated to the Father of the Nation who gave utmost importance to cleanliness in his blueprint for the nation. Indian states have responded enthusiastically to the Prime Minister’s appeal and have begun participating in the historic mission with gusto. This is a unique tribute to the father of the Nation.


With the Prime Minister wielding the broom himself, other public figures were not to be left far behind. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched the campaign with the broom himself. Union Minister for Water Resources and local MP Uma Bharti had pledged 300 hours annually to the mission. A pledge of cleanliness was taken by the Governor of Maharashtra, Ch Vidyasagar Rao along with staff and other officers. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh also urged each citizen to keep aside two hours a week for cleanliness initiatives.


The chief ministers of Mizoram, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan participated in the cleanliness drive along with Governors and other senior officials in a plethora of Indian states. The Prime Minister has given a clarion call for a minimum of 100 hours of annual cleanliness initiatives undertaken by each citizen and experts believe that this move will go a long way towards reducing the staggering volume of accumulated urban waste that comes with modern living.



The need of the hour is enhanced awareness about the overwhelming need for cleanliness in the present context and this can be achieved through proper mobile app development company. Steps like this will enable people to learn more about the plan and the waste related problems plaguing the country at present. It would help if apps could be created for bringing together communities and neighbourhoods for positive initiatives in this regard. Technology is always a great unifier and breaker of barriers and will contribute immensely to the campaign if used in the proper manner.


WDI stands committed to revolutionary and innovative nationwide projects like the Swachata Abhiyan initiative. We believe in the power of technology as a unifying force for the progress and prosperity of the nation. The Swachata Abhiyan promises to transform the very look and face of our beloved motherland like never before!