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There are a wide variety of iPhone apps available these days. iPhone app development is now an increasingly lucrative affair for companies and organizations. It pays to be an iPhone app developer these days and professionally managed companies possess iPhone app experts and programmers who come up with some fantastic propositions for the global market. There is a widespread perception that iPhone apps are better than apps on Android or other platforms. It is a reality that when it comes to app development for Android or iOS, the latter provides better scope for creativity and wizardry.

Experts reckon that iPhone app development enables the creation of apps that look sophisticated, cutting edge and polished, all in contrast to the humbler versions that we use and see on Android. Even developers who code for both Android and iOS seem to share this view. This is one reason why iPhone apps are highly popular among both developers and customers alike. Developers find it simpler to create attractive and elegant iOS apps as opposed to doing the same on an Android platform. The legacies and enduring traditions of the companies owning these platforms need to be looked into carefully for understanding the real reasons.

The design is a vital component of everything that is built at Apple while Google scores best when it comes to information and search based functions. As a result, iOS platforms always make a perfect fit for applications with aesthetic appeal and software that is both functional and beautiful. An iPhone apps developers have it easy while coding for iOS as there are very few screen resolutions and hardware profiles to tackle. In the case of Android, there are innumerable device parameters that have to be continually handled by developers. google down . Android-based devices are available in multiple sizes and shapes and also possess varying speeds and screen resolutions which pose loads of problems.

App development teams are often hard-pressed for time, funds and energy and this makes them settle for lower aesthetic value. Alongside, documentation and developer tools are two aspects that are somewhat constrained in the Android development sphere. Apple has always looked at refining its developer support mechanisms over 20 years and has considerably polished its overall strategy for SDKs. Human interface guidelines are another thing that Apple basically excels in and this is what makes iOS such a delight to work with and use. Android is basically something that Google has started its journey with and the lack of experience also counts as a major problem according to some experts.

iPhone apps are a pleasure to build as developers working on iOS platforms possess many more tools and options for the execution of breathtaking, creative and unique design concepts and templates. Android development is not smooth at all and entails many twists and turns for developers. As a result, when it comes to design, interactivity, user-friendliness and seamless development, iPhone apps outstrip their Android counterparts with relative ease!

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