Rejected! Avoiding App Store Rejection and Ensuring Mobile Application Approval.

Avoiding App Store Rejection and Ensuring Mobile Application Approval

Getting your app rejected after months of development and a lot of investment is simply soul-wrenching. Most mobile app startups are lost or confused after this, not knowing what to do. That is why knowing how to avoid app rejection on App Store before starting the development phase is crucial. If the app is developed in accordance with the App Store’s policies, the chances of it getting rejected are next to none.

Let us understand why the App Store rejects apps and what you can do to avoid it.

Common Reasons For App Store App Rejection 

Knowing what the App Store despises is the first step in avoiding rejection. The App Store wants the best for its users and that is why it has some strict policies. Avoid the points mentioned below to keep your app safe.

Copycat App

There is no benefit to the App Store by allowing multiple apps that serve the same purpose. It adds no value to the App Store and also confuses the users. There are chances of potential lawsuits being filed against copycat apps, increasing troubles for Apple.

Also, it serves no benefit to the startup by being labelled as a ripoff. In both cases, it is the loss of the startup.

Explicit and User-Generated Content

This one is a no brainer. If there is adult content, racism, promotion of drugs, or anything socially unacceptable in the app, it is sure to get rejected.

Things get tricky when there is user-generated content as users can upload anything they want. The App Store only accepts user-generated content only when there is a mechanism to filter objectionable content and users can report their concern as well.

Incompatible With Devices

If the app is not functioning as intended on most iOS devices, it will be rejected. Compared to Android, iOS has a very limited number of devices, making it even easier to develop the app, and not being able to do so is a big red flag.

Privacy Concerns

The App Store has strict rules regarding how user data should be collected and stored. If it finds an app not adhering to their standards then it will be rejected. Also, the lack of a privacy policy is also not acceptable. 

Misleading App Description

No one likes to be scammed. Having an app description that advertises something else from what it delivers is big no no. Also, exaggerated claims are also rejected. Doing so does not benefit the startup in any way. Yes, people will download the app initially but will most likely be disappointed and end up deleting it or, even worse, report it.

Bugs & Crashes

The App Store is serious about providing seamless user experiences and bugs and crashes do not allow that. While there will be bugs popping up every now and then, too many of them are unacceptable.

So these were the common reasons for app store app rejection. Let us now look at how they can be fixed.

Tips For Getting Your App Approved On App Store

Ensuring your app meets App Store guidelines is crucial. Now that you know why your app can be rejected, all you need to do is avoid technical issues that lead to app rejection.

Let us see how to optimise your app for App Store acceptance.

Make Your App Unique From The Get-Go

There is no point in investing thousands of dollars into an app that already exists. Even if the app store accepts the app, it will be very difficult to take over an established app. It is difficult to come up with a totally out of the box concept. But, you can make your app unique in many other ways.

If you are diving into an already saturated area, try to do the job better than others, giving yourself the edge. Find out something you can provide your users that other apps in the same niche cannot.

Make the UI/UX of your app unique to your brand identity. This is another way you can make your app stand out from the competition. 

Mark Content As NSFW

If your app contains offensive content, mark it as NSFW so that viewers are warned. Provide an option for users to block NSFW content and report it as well. This is something social media apps like Twitter and Instagram pull off very well.

In case your app has the option for users to interact with each other, give them the option to block and report abusive users as well.

Make Your App Compatible With All Available iOS Devices

Compared to Android, expanding your app’s compatibility to the limited number of iOS devices is a lot easier. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Use High Resolution Images

While low res images might look fine on iPhones, they are going to look blurry on iPads. So, keep iPad users in mind when developing an iOS app.

Develop For The Lowest iOS Version

You have to ensure that your app is compatible with all of the active iOS versions. While it is normal to focus more on the latest version, do not let the older versions take a hit.

Ensure Your App Meets App Store Guidelines

Apple does not compromise on user privacy. Read all of their guidelines carefully and ask your developer to work accordingly.

Be Honest

You must ensure accurate information for App Store submission. There is no point in misleading and being labelled as a fraud.

Your app description also has to be optimised for the App Store search engine. This is known as App Store Optimisation (ASO) and it will help your app get more reach.

Hire Skilled Developers

Bugs are simply intolerable. That is why you must hire qualified mobile app developers like WDI from the get-go. An experienced developer will know the ins and outs of the App Store and help in maximising your chances of App Store approval. From creating a user-friendly app for App Store approval to ASO, you will get everything under a mobile app development company.

Some More Things To Ensure

Submitting a successful app to the App Store is easy. All it takes is respecting the App Store guidelines and hiring developers who are experienced in this field.

You also need to create app graphics and videos that can be used to promote your app. Hire a good graphic designer and video editor to get the job done. 

Communication with the App Store should be established in case you face a problem during the submission process.

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