iOS vs Android : Evolution of Design

Which smartphone platform is bestAndroid and iOS have been the behemoths in the mobile phone industry since they were launched. These two operating systems not only provide several features but they also have good intuitive user interfaces that interact with effectively with the handset. Even though not much has changed over this period for the OS, if you look at the whole time span, then you may have noted heavy changes in both their UIs.
This article is a comparison of Android app development with iOS and their UI designing philosophy and how it has changed over time. They are both quite popular and each tries to trump the other for better sales figures.

iOS Application

Compared to other operating systems, iPhone app development has always been concerned with the design philosophy. With the release of iOS 7, Apple has finally changed over from age-old designing techniques to brand new minimalistic and flat designing approach. iOS app development created great apps which were appealing despite being flat. When the online world was opting for flat designs, Apple too switched to it. After all the upgrades, his was an important designing update for OS. However, what remained the same was the simplistic design.

Android Application

Google has adopted the philosophy of material design which has made it a winner in the field it was losing so far along- user interface. The Material Designing part has raised the bar for user interface designing and has taken it to a new level altogether. The UI is peppered with great details, design, and animations which look stunning visually. It was the largest update when it came to Android OS design. The Android OS looked like it was redesigned completely from scratch.

The philosophy of material design takes into account a neat look with power. With all the great features and unbound possibilities along with material design, the Google-powered OS has won the million hearts of tech-savvy users all over the world hands down. This is the first time that Android app development feels more personal and usable than iOS. It is simplistic in usage and is very attractive. As a matter of fact, the philosophy of new design has been lauded so much so that Whatsapp too has designed its web application based on material design.

Overall these years, what is noticeable is that an elegant and simple design is always preferred. Apple has used it over the years and it has worked in their favor. Google too has adopted a similar kind of design which makes Android a sweet experience. Not only are the software features and hardware on the handset essential for making it useful, but the user interface is also important. Google has already been applauded for its style and it is not up to Apple to show new tricks. Most people now prefer using Android since the company fixed its clutter-free OS. The features, coupled with the OS, make Android phones a delight to be used.

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