WDI Celebrates a Sparkling Garba Night!

WDI celebrates the first Garba Night!
WDI celebrates the first Garba Night!

It was nothing short of a marvel to witness the Garba Night in WDIPL.

On the last night of Navratri, WDI held a grand celebration with the blessings of Goddess Durga and the beats of Garba.

Navratri is an Indian festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped for nine consecutive days. Every night, people dance in a circle around a statue of the goddess or a lamp and this dance is known as Garba.

The excitement was on another level as our entire team of mobile app developers dressed up in sparkling traditional attire. Women flaunted colorful sarees while men showed their swag with dashing kurtas.

Smiles, sweets, and selfies filled the day, but the real fun started at night.

A full-packed Garba Night was arranged with colorful lights and bass-heavy speakers, blasting the latest Garba songs.

From interns to seniors, everyone danced together to the beats of Garba, celebrating Navaratri to the fullest, although some needed a little push.

For three hours, the feet whirled round and round.

This became one of the most unforgettable events in WDI and this tradition will continue for years to come.

At WDI, we believe in: All work and no play makes a mobile app developer a dull boy.

So, we celebrate with passion.

Come, be a part of this amazing team.

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