WDI’s Innovative Mobile App Development Process For Success

Mobile App Developmemt
Mobile App Developmemt

For more than two decades, WDI has paved the road to success for hundreds of startups across the globe. A major reason for this is our tried and tested mobile app development process. It involves the three pillars of mobile app success: ideation, implementation, and iteration.

In this blog, we’ll give you a closer look at our mobile application development process. If you’re planning to get your app developed by us or you’re already our client, here’s how we work to solidify your app concepts. These are the steps we follow after you bring us your app idea.

WDI’s Process To Develop An App

Our mobile app development process may vary depending on individual startup requirements. However, at its core, it follows similar protocols. Let’s get right into it!

Scope Of Work Creation

At the root of every successful app is an idea. That’s what we refine at this stage. We brainstorm on how we can improve your app to match current industry standards and thrive in a competitive market.

This phase includes comprehensively elaborating your app idea and defining its features, functionality, and requirements. The goal is to be clear about what the app will do, how it will do it, and what the outcomes will be.

The scope of work is like a roadmap for the development process. Here’s what it will include:

Project Objectives and Goals

Together, we define the primary and secondary goals of the mobile app. This includes the problems it solves and the value it provides to users.

Launch Strategy

We research ways to make your app stand out in a highly competitive market. This includes scrutinizing your target audience and competitors.

Features and Functionalities

You may already have a bunch of exciting features in mind. We add to that list based on our extensive market knowledge and prioritize them based on their importance.

Technical Requirements

We specify the technologies, frameworks, and databases that will be used and any third-party service integration that is required.

Timeline and Milestones

When will my app be launched? That’s the big question. We present you with a timeline that outlines the development phases and estimated completion dates, along with a price quote at this stage.

UI/UX Design

Once we have the scope of work in place, we work on designing the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for your mobile app. This phase involves translating the features and functionalities into a visually appealing design. In the end, the users should have an enjoyable overall experience while using the app and derive value from its features.

Here are the things we work on to create the UI/UX:

Information Architecture (IA)

IA is the structural design of how the information is presented in the app. It’s like a blueprint that showcases how users will interact with the app’s content.

Here, we define the hierarchy of content and features based on their importance. This helps us decide which screens to develop first.

We plan the navigation menus for the app. This includes the main menu, sub-menus, and how the different sections will be interconnected. We map out the different paths users can take within the app to accomplish their goals.


A wireframe is a low-fidelity visual representation of the app’s layout and structure. It has placeholders for elements such as buttons, text, images, and other UI components without the design elements. It’s like the skeleton of your app’s UI, and it helps to refine the layout before adding the design.

We provide you with multiple iterations of the wireframes and gather feedback. Once you validate a wireframe, we take it forward to design the mockups.


Mockups are more detailed versions of your app’s UI. They’re wireframes with added design elements such as colors, typography, and images. You’ll get a clearer idea of how the final app will look.

When designing the mockups, we establish the visual identity of the app. We ensure that it’s in line with your startup’s branding guidelines, color schemes, and overall aesthetic.

Once we receive approval for the mockup, we move on to transforming it into a prototype.


A prototype is an interactive and functional version of your app that you can use to get a feel for what the final app will be like. You’ll get hands-on experience before development begins.

The UI/UX design is pivotal in creating an app that looks and works great.

MVP Development

The mobile app development process is quite lengthy, and we understand the importance of time for startups. That’s why we provide you with MVP development so that your app can be deployed ASAP.

An MVP is a stripped-down version of your app that includes only the most important features. It can be developed much faster and validated in the real world. The secondary features are then deployed through regular updates. Additional features and improvements can be added based on user feedback on the MVP.

The MVP development process is further divided into frontend and backend development.


The app’s frontend is basically what the user will see on their phone’s screen. Three types of apps can be developed

Native Apps: These apps are designed specifically for iOS and Android, leveraging the complete potential of the mobile device. They can use the device’s native features, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, camera, microphone, etc. As they can directly access the phone’s processor, they offer the best performance and features.

Hybrid Apps: These serve as the middle-ground between native apps and progressive web apps, offering the best of both worlds. They run on both iOS and Android based on a single source code, resulting in faster development time. They offer native-like performance while being packaged as a web app.

PWAs: A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website packaged as an app. They can run on iOS, Android, and all digital devices with internet access and a browser. These include desktops, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc.

Our mobile app developers use technologies such as React, Vue.js, Flutter, and Angular for frontend development.


The app’s backend is all about the things the user cannot see, but that results in making usability smooth and secure. This involves the server and databases. Our mobile app developers use technologies like Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails to handle data processing, server management, and API integrations. This ensures a smooth connection between the backend and the front, resulting in a robust mobile app.


Our testers scrutinize the MVP once it’s developed. It’s an indispensable stage of the mobile app development process, as it ensures that the app meets your expectations.

Testing involves a meticulous examination of your app’s functionality, usability, and performance. We check whether every piece of machinery is functioning as intended. Here are the types of testing we conduct:

Functional Testing

This involves testing whether every element of the app functions as intended. We explore various scenarios to ensure that the app functions properly without any hiccups.

Usability Testing

This focuses on evaluating the user experience. Our testers simulate real-world interactions to gauge how intuitive the app is and identify any potential issues.

Compatibility Testing

A new mobile device is launched every week. Our testers test the app on a multitude of smartphones and platforms to ensure that it performs consistently across the board.

Load Testing

This involves subjecting the app to heavy traffic to check whether it maintains performance under high demand.

Security Testing

Security is paramount. We ensure that the app has military-grade security before launch.

WDI’s testing is an iterative process that involves multiple rounds of assessment to ensure that everything is in place.

Mobile App Launch

Finally! It’s time to set off the fireworks and launch your mobile app with a blast. We go ahead with submitting the app to the respective app stores. Each app store has its guidelines and requirements for submission, and we ensure that all boxes are ticked before submitting.

Every app needs an attractive subtitle, description, and images. That’s what we cover under our App Store Optimization (ASO). We research on the best keywords to include in the app description for higher rankings. Our designers create captivating images and trailer videos for your app to engage the audience. You can provide these from your end as well.


The app is in its infancy stage once it’s launched. We’ve implemented just the most important features and there are still many features remaining to be implemented. We deploy those features through timely 2-week sprints.

We follow the hybrid methodology which allows us to launch the app as soon as possible, kickstarting your business. The secondary features are launched through sprints. This is much faster and more efficient than developing the entire app in one go.

The hybrid methodology also allows us to gather user feedback and make improvements based on that.

Once all the sprints are delivered, it marks the end of our mobile app development process. However, a mobile app is never complete. New smartphones and OS are always coming out. Your app needs to be compatible with them. That’s why we provide app maintenance services as long as you opt to ensure that your app provides top-notch performance all the time. It’s never goodbye.

Constant Support

We are always with you, guiding you through the mobile app development process. We provide end-to-end handholding with multiple points to contacts to ensure that all your queries are resolved.

Weekly Meetings

Every week, we conduct a meeting to update you on the development progress. We collect feedback and make the necessary changes instantly. None of the deliveries moves forward without your approval.

Instant Messaging

You can connect with our mobile app developers through Skype or any other messaging service for instant query resolution.


All the major updates regarding the development are shared with you by email.

Phone Calls

Remember, we are just a call away. You can talk to us during work hours for any query.

Your Success is Our Priority
WDI’s mobile app development process weaves a comprehensive fabric of ideation, implementation, and iteration to solidify your app idea into reality. That’s what makes us the leading mobile app developers.

If you’ve any queries about our mobile app development process or want to get your app developed by us, hit that contact us button to book a call. We would love to hear from you.

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