What Makes a Good Website? Key Secrets of a Successful Website

Website design is complex.

It’s not something you do often. And, it’s a project that might take months to finish.

There’s so much to setup. There’s the visuals, the functionality, and then the content. And putting it all together is a speciality in itself.

Regardless, the foundations are easy to understand. There are some key secrets applicable to all websites, which boost their success rates.

This is something we’ll discuss below. We’ll mention a few secrets on how to make your website successful.

Tips to design successful website for you businessFollow them, and watch the traffic pool in!

#1 – Looks Count for a Lot.

When it comes to the internet, first impressions matter.

If your website looks bad from the get-go, you won’t get visitors. Also, you won’t get any sales on your website.

People judge websites by their aesthetics. And you need aesthetics that are beautiful, and appealing to popular trends.

More Imagery – Less Text.

The best web development services apply this principle.

Just visit a successful website or two. You’ll see tons of photos, clear background images, and less text.

Why? It’s because images speak 1000 words. Not to mention, people prefer visuals over reading.

Now, this is a hard thing to apply alone. And it’s something you must do with the help of web development services.

Comfortable Visuals.

Looks aren’t just for beauty. They also focus on visual comfort.

Successful website designs avoid radical colors, like red and yellow. Those colors (as a visual foundation) can irritate the eye.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. But for most niches, those colors aren’t suitable.

You need colors that create a good psychological effect on your viewers. Blue and its shades, in addition to plain colors do this well.

Colors aside – there’s also the content layout to consider…

#2 – Keep it Neat.

Rarely do you see a successful website with “spam boxes” all over its pages.

And by spam boxes – we mean ads.

Many people jam ads all over their website.

They do this to get the highest number of clicks possible – for the money.

But this compromises your website’s looks. It makes it look bad and inconsistent.

Also, spamming ads take up much of a page’s space. And no one likes spam to make up the most of their screens.

Another Tip – Organize Content Well.

You need clear categories, an easy to search bar, and menus.

You want to make it easier for your viewer to move through your website. In fact, your website should be like a book, whose contents flow well.

This’ll be our next point.

#3 – Navigation Matters.

Successful websites have one important goal – which is keeping viewers on the website.

You want to reduce bounce rates. You want viewers to stick to your website as long as possible.

You do that with a clear and easy-to-use navigation system.

So here’s what you need…

A Navigation Menu.

A navigation bar can make or break your site.

Navigation bars lead your visitors to key pages on your site. Those key pages are necessary for branding, sales, and marketing.

They include…

  • About – where you show off your resume, achievements, and pitch your social media profiles.
  • Contact– a chance to establish 1-on-1 communication with clients.
  • Shop – one of the easiest ways to market your store (without landing pages).
  • Categories – if you want visitors to get hooked on your site content.

There’s much more you can add to a navigation system. But the previous are the basics.

They ease sales, contacting, improve customer support, and they increase conversion rates.

Now, your navigation bar has to be positioned in a clear place. They are best are positioned under headers or as major sidebar widgets.

The point is – make it easy to find and see.

Search Bar.

Search bars are for return visitors.

They know what they want. They know what to look for. And with a search bar, you make it easy for them to reach that.

It could be anything, from a specific article, to a product they want to buy.

#4 – Care for the Reader’s Experience.

Your website is designed for real people – and not search engine bots.

While SEO is vital, what you put on your website matters too. You have to care about quality as much as analytics.

Mobile Compatibility.

Many web design and development services focus on this aspect. And that’s for an important reason.

At least ½ the internet’s users come through mobile.

Your website should be designed to fit mobile screens, with optimal loading speeds.

It’s also vital for mobile apps development – which is another service many websites offer.

You might have an app under development, specifically for your niche. But that app is useless, if readers can’t access your site through phone.

Good Content.

A successful website has a blog section. There, common issues are discussed related to your niche.

Also, it provides a database of sorts for your clients.

Your blog can discuss industry updates, common client FAQs, and even tips and tricks for using your products.

Constant Updates.

Don’t just post once every 2 months.

Your posts have to be weekly. It’s a way of signaling to others that you’re present, and that you’re content delivery is non-stop.

#5 – Redirect to Social Media.

Your business Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are customer support centers.

They’re also places for you to network with other businesses, who might send you some clients your way.

It is wise to connect your website to social media platforms. And you do so through widgets that are easily placed on all your pages.

Your social media makes it easier for readers to reach your website.

For example, they can like your FB. Then, they can use your liked FB page to access your website, for product updates

Putting it All Together.

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