The Why’s and the How’s of Textures in Web Design

Looking for web designing Company which can guide you towards a creative yet user friendly website?When it comes to custom web design, textures are pretty important. Textures are way beyond any new fad or trend. They are now regarded as simple yet effective tools for adding new dimensions and greater depth to any website. As a result, textures have to be used responsibly by web developers and designers. Texture has a vital role to play in the highlighting of important website elements and hence assumes loads of importance in the present scenario. However, textures should not be your main focus while developing a site as overuse can be catastrophic as far as your site appearance and effectiveness is concerned.

Patterns are usually small elements that can be tiled while textures are much larger and are not repeated. Textures usually serve multiple purposes and these are delineated below:

  • Textures can highlight several key website elements

Garnering greater visitor attention is possible with textures especially if they are used to highlight buttons, titles, headings and other website icons. The main headings and call to action elements are much more accessible and catch the eye via textures. Minimal usage helps textures separate certain key content from the remaining website. The user is guided directly to these specific elements which are used for branding and call to action purposes. In addition, textured logos against clean backgrounds and clean logos against textured backgrounds are commonly used in custom web design and development in most cases.

  • Information architecture enhancement

Content separate though logically placed divisions is possible with the use of textures. It can be used in tandem with several other methods. Enhancement of the overall effectiveness of information architecture methods is a big goal for textures. In addition, textures have been seen to fit various topics and styles of websites to the T. Custom tailoring of elements to fit logical themes go a long way towards highlighting the overall message of websites.

  • Identity building for websites

Clients usually like websites that display content in a compelling and user-friendly manner. Textures can fantastically aid identity creation and identification for a particular brand. There are many methods that come into play in this scenario. Custom web design with textures demands that you follow some basic principles. These are enumerated below:

  • Legibility maintenance

You should never compromise proper legibility at the altar of texture. This is one mistake that will plague your website for a long time to come and will affect user traffic quite severely in the bargain.

  • Dedicated practice is essential

A little dose of experimentation and practise always helps. You can try using textures at several places which were untapped as of yet. Use newer textures and you may well come up with something magical and distinctly attractive.

  • Textures should serve particular purposes

Always think of the specific effects you want to get with textures. They should serve a particular purpose and should not be used just for the sake of it.

You should also take loading time into account while working with textures. All in all, they are a fantastic tool for any website, depending on how they are used.

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