Zeal And Ardor Of A Woman

Clothed with strength and dignity, she passes out all her fears with love and laughter.
She’s born with a desire to hide all her scars and forming it all into a beautiful attire.
Clinging on to her dream, she walks through the wilderness. Humming, dancing, and whispering, over every hardship she gets.

Clothed with strength and dignity, she passes out all her fears with love and laughter.

She’s born with a desire to hide all her scars and forming it all into a beautiful attire.

Clinging on to her dream, she walks through the wilderness. Humming, dancing, and whispering, over every hardship she gets.

Delicate as she looks, while she walks pass your step. Yet, with one voice she’s able to get you down on your knees. And, no! it’s not about Love. It’s the way she wrestles her way out from infidelity and hate, leaving the world in dismay.

Her workmanship is marvelous, and she is worth far more than rubies.

It’s all about the way a Woman is transformed.

From a Baby to a Girl, she has learned to be giving.

Entering her youth to becoming a responsible working woman, she hides her shame and stands as brave as a fighter would. She leaves behind her dreams and her family, to unite into being one with her hubby and her family.

Her lips are as sweet as honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil.

She can even get as bitter as poison, and dangerous as a double-edged sword.

Her feet go down to death, and her steps lead straight to the grave.

She cares nothing about the path to life, for she can stagger down a crooked trail and won’t even realize it.

So, before you point a finger on anything she adores.

Remember the dark side of her womanhood.

Renu Sud Karnad, Managing Director of HDFC.

Archana Bhargava, Chairman and Managing Director of United Bank Of India.

Mary Kom, Indian Olympic Boxer.

Deepika Kumari, Indian Athlete.

She comes in different and solid forms, and you cannot just ignore her.

Beauty, strength, and fame are her weapons and she flaunts it all with just a Smile.

Women’s Day is all about nurturing and appreciating your woman.

Cause, she deserves the best and she’s phenomenally created for the same.

Website Developers India, celebrated the same appreciation for their hardworking Women.

Scroll along, to know more about their experience in the company and the way they had their time spent on this Women’s Day.

Shraddha Surve, Senior SEO Expert

WDIPL, has been one of my best choices, to continue my career with. A great learning experience with the marketing team and grasped in some important marketing skills of my own as well. The company truly believes and emphasizes equality, and the same was shown on Women’s Day.

Asmita Sawant, Senior SEO Expert

Healthy work environment with good learning experience with WDIPL. I surely am able to share the same confidence with the world in terms of SEO knowledge, that I could grasp from this reputed company.

Loved every bit of their appreciation for this Women’s Day. Made me feel proud to be a part of this family.

Pooja Pinara, Junior SEO Analyst

Working with WDIPl, has helped me evolve from being a percent half to a percent more with the right sense of marketing and company knowledge. Not just work, but the company has also kept a mark on celebrating every hard work of every single woman of the company, in a very mature yet friendly way, for this Women’s Day.

Rebekah Pais, Content Writer

Working in WDIPL as a content writer for nearly 7 months now, and it feels like a decade. The feeling arises due to the immense knowledge I could develop through my team. The company appreciated every single woman on Women’s Day, by showcasing our hard-work through a beautiful note and a skit, that described the life of a working woman.

Daisy Louis, HR.

To start with the amazing part of this company (WDI), it does not let you feel like you are just an employee. They continue to treat everyone with equal appreciation. One of the recent and memorable celebrations we had was the Women’s day. A day which was solely dedicated to celebrating the presence of all WDI women with a beautiful and meaningful act and video clips by our WDI males.

Pooja Patade, Accounts and HR Manager.

Been 3 years working with WDIPL, the attachment with this company is increasing day by day as there are new learning and new experiences getting added up gradually. This year women’s day celebration gave different vibes all together as our WDIPL boys entertained us a lot.

Sneha Sarang, Senior Graphic Designer

Great experience to work with wdipl. Good platform for freshers, with great learning curve. Thanks for celebrating women’s day and making the day special for us.

Sadhana Rotkar, Web Designer

Had a beautiful time celebrating Women’s day with WDIPL. The appreciation just keeps getting so better every single time.

Shivani Panchal, Web Designer

Completing a year in WDIPL, I’ve not only had the opportunity to devour the best of my knowledge, but also could grasp right knowledge from my manager and my teammates. I loved the way the men of the company, appreciated and celebrated Women’s Day, by pouring their hearts and gratitude towards us.

Pooja Benbansi, PHP Developer

Completed 2 years with this outstanding company. They had me gain good experience with good projects, good clients, with an amazing environment and colleagues to work with. Each and every festival is celebrated with the team. We recently celebrated Women’s Day with lots of fun and happiness.

Sayali Sarpole, PHP Developer

I am working with WDIPL for last 2 years and still working. With a fantastic team to work with, we also come together celebrating every occasion that comes by. We recently celebrated International Women’s day. A very joyful and a pleasant day spent for every woman in the company.

Varsha Jadhav, PHP Developer

Great experience working in Website Developers India. There is always something new to learn, with great opportunities for growth for every employee. Along with work ethics, cultural traditions followed in the company bring a greater sense of team in the employees.

Jyoti Chauhan, Data Entry Operator

My first official job as a DEO was been offered to me by WDIPL and I thank them for helping as well as guiding me into new things. I really appreciate the time that I spent working with this company, on both a professional and personal level. I appreciate the effort that you all made for the women’s day function and made every woman feel special.

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