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Wed designing undergoes major changes every now and then, based upon the requirements of the hour. Currently, flat design is being implemented by web design companies. The websites that make use of this design are free from distracting elements as they do not have heavily loaded background images, grunge and swirls which make everything cluttered. These websites can be navigated easily because there are few bevels, glows, drop shadows and gradients. Read More →

How are E-commerce website developed differently?

Ecommerce websites have become popular and gained in size in the past ten years. Firms like Flipkart and Amazon now rule the roost and newer sites too are gaining visitors rapidly. However, only a handful of these websites take into consideration the different UX required for e-commerce websites. If you are thinking of e-commerce website development, then here are a few things that you will have to consider.

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Excellent Steps to increase your productivity


Most of us feel flustered when faced with the pressure of imminent deadlines and expanding task lists. However, designers are somewhat relieved from this as they have proper guidelines to work with that they picked up from designing itself. Here are some tips that a web designer & developer can use for keeping productivity high when they are struggling to produce and focus on great work. Read More →

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