Web Designers’ Technique to Create Great Landing Pages


Looking for web designer to make your website responsive?There are various techniques used by Custom web designers to create top-notch landing pages. A landing page is known for being an essential tool for proper traffic and online marketing. This page is one which appears when an advertisement is clicked. These pages are created for subscriptions or selling purposes. They are advertisement link extensions that are clicked on by visitors to any websites.
There are several landing pages that can be easily viewed in e-mails, social media platforms, and SEO campaigns. These page links are scattered all over the web and aim at converting visitors into subscribers or buyers of particular products. There are some techniques that can come in handy for web designers while developing these pages. These are as follows:

• The fold should either be used in totality or discarded altogether. A teaser should be placed above the fold and detailed information and other details can be put under it. Animation can be used along with illustrations above the fold.

• A call to action should always be placed properly in order to draw the attention of users on the landing page. If this is unclear, the purpose of the website will never quite dawn on visitors.

• The call to action should come in a contrasting color as compared to the page color.

• Graphics should be used to direct the visitor to the call to action on the landing page.

• The call to action should be as compact and crisp as possible.

• Infographics can be used on landing pages as long and winding miles of text will definitely not aid conversions. Sound, illustration, and animation should be backed up by a potent combination of graphics and text. These get the message across to viewers rather quickly.

• There should be no other confusing links placed beside the call to action button. The Privacy Policy link can be viewed in a separate tab but other links should be completely absent.

• Avoid using complex and big sign-up forms as much as possible as this will only deter average users.

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