25 Cool Animations which cannot be missed


There are truckloads of things that can be done with proper CSS animation. There are several creative text-based effects and other things that can now be done with CSS animation. There are several cool and trendy animations that you should definitely not miss. Here’s taking a look at the same:

  1. CSS Loading Animation- This features seven animated dots moving right and left to demonstrate loading actions
  2. Hamburger CSS3 only animation- This makes use of pure CSS minus any JS or other elements
  3. Animated Shopping Car Icon- This enables superb animated effects when groceries are enlisted for being added to a customer’s shopping cart
  4. CSS Mars Landing- This funky animation has been crafted from CSS
  5. 404 Animated Character- This error page is definitely out of the world!
  6. Day/Night Toggle- This helps toggle night and day with elan
  7. The Avenger- This demonstrates Hulk’s ferocity through your computer screen
  8. Google Now 3rd Party app- This is one of Google’s best-animated offerings in recent times
  9. Menu icon animation- This makes the menu button steadily materialize upon downward scrolling
  10. Clo Clo- The moving rooster is a fantastic animation snippet crafted with CSS3
  11. Submit button- This animates the loading process when the submit button is clicked
  12. Another CSS Preloader- This features a loading animation that is rhythmic and will serve to mesmerize you instantly
  13. Particle button- This features a hovering animation
  14. Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design- The elastic sidebar effect is too charming to forget!
  15. Gooey button- This offers an animated Gooey effect that is both cute and compelling in equal measure
  16. True hamburger menu- This offers a fantastic menu and other animations upon clicking the hamburger
  17. Flipside button- Upon clicking any part of the Delete button, it flips over
  18. Cruisin- This is a motorbike themed animation that will woo you with ease
  19. Signature animation- This features Cube-sicles in 3D for a spectacular effect
  20. Background gradient animation- This beauty changes the gradient and colors of the background continually in a smooth motion
  21. GIF Style animation- This makes a photograph suddenly emerge from pixel art
  22. Star Wars toggle icon- The hamburger menu changes into lightsabers in the heat of battle
  23. Chromatic triangle- This is an optical illusion that will drive you crazy and it has been accomplished with CSS3
  24. Focus in/out input animation- This features a little pen writing on top of the form that is being filled in by a visitor
  25. Coffee maker- This features a cute dinosaur running from a meteorite when the loaded page cannot be found.

Also, these animations help a lot in Web designing and development for some of the projects.

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