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The most majestic fonts for your websiteWhen it comes to mainstream web designing services, you have to be doubly sure of your fonts. There are several fonts that are usually considered as the best options for professional websites. The right selection of fonts goes a long way towards making your site more readable, understandable and user-friendly. You should always keep even minute details in mind while selecting a font. There are many such fonts that you can always use in accordance with your own requirements. There are some combinations that simply work wonders when it comes to creating the right look and effect for your website. These are as follows:

  1. Verdana and Georgia- These two fonts make for a classic and tried and tested combination, one that will always add a new aura to any website. The lovely Georgia serif typeface combines wonderfully with the sans serif typeface used for Verdana. This combination will definitely add a sleek look to your website and is a sure-fire winner
  2. Garamond and Helvetica- Another favorite while web designing, this combination is another classic choice, one that pairs an adorable and friendly big headline in Helvetica Bold with the easily readable and understandable Garamond serif typeface.
  3. Baskerville and Franklin Gothic- This is a rather eclectic font combination but may well work for your website if you experiment with the condensed version of 19th century Franklin Gothic which is the perfect and striking contrast to the vintage and charming Baskerville of 1757. This will lend a classy and sophisticated appearance to your website.
  4. Univers (Light) and Caslon (Bold)- This combination witnesses the fusion of the rather bold and vigorous Caslon font with the rather contrasting Univers, a neutral san serif font with a neo-grotesque touch to it. Caslon, on the other hand, comes with descenders and ascenders that are relatively short and can be manipulated through deft strokes.
  5. Futura and Bodoni- Bodoni has a compelling construction of its own from the geometrical point of view and its slim strokes are beautiful to watch in tandem with the thick and powerful Futura and this style is often employed for online fashion and lifestyle websites.

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