Emerging trends for Digital Marketing 2018


Digital marketing is a broad phrase for marketing to meet the market demand by applying digital technologies, predominantly on the Internet, Which including mobile phones, display ad, and any other digital channel.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends that all organization should contemplate.

A marketer forecast the future opportunities from different angles by reviewing and understanding ‘What’s New?’, ‘What’s Hot?’ and ‘What’s Next?’ and also by estimating latest innovation and trends to strategies the plan.  Understanding lastest innovation and trends is the most significant component of marketing strategy. For eg: Digital Transformation and Marketing Integration Trends in 2016, Marketing Technology Innovation in 2015, Digital Marketing Tactics in 2014.

Now Lets see the  5 types of trends marketers and businesses needs to consider in 2018.

1) Consumer Behaviour and traits trends:

Marketing plans and Campaigns needs to devise and formulate only by understanding customer changing wants, needs, demands and charateristics.

a) Smart Phone adoption-drives cross-channel optimization

b) Applying Artificial Intelligence to engage and service customer -for applications like chatbots and predictive analytics.

2) Marketing Technology Trends:

The explosion of Digital Technology has changed the marketing as todays consumers are mostly connected with smartphones, laptops, ipads even watches and glasses to access the Information. As a result a Marketter needs to devise the strategies and plan in such a way that it goes handy with digital technology. We are fortunate to many free and low-cost tool which information about customer , competition and Market. They also help us to integrate our Marketing strategies to across desktop, mobile and  traditional Marketing.

a)The rise of the marketing clouds including automation and programmatic

b) Growth in Customer data platforms and predictive analysis.

3) Trend in Marketing Techniques:

There are many marketing techniques available as Integrated planning which includes always-on + campaigns, content marketing, multi-channel analytics, E-mail marketing-marketing automation, social media marketing, paid search: adwords, Seo: organic search.

Emerging trend:

a) Mobile Marketing and Cross device optimization.

b) Content and inbound Marketing:

4) New platform marketing trend:

Consumers search through Google or Bing; use Facebook for socialising and messaging; business communications  through  LinkedIn and use digital devices via Android or iOS. Since these top-order platforms are looking to grow their audience,  frequent updation in digital marketing services today are on these top-order platforms and other key platforms like Instagram, What’s App, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

On the Rise marketing trends

  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Ad Blocking or Ad Filtering
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Real-Time Marketing [that’s personalisation, not Real-time PR]
  • Personification
  • Advertising through Programmatic TV
  • Cross-Device Identification: Single user with multiple device.

digital marketing company


5) Marketing Management trends

The final trend category for marketers and enterpreneurs  to be aware of Marketing Management.

Digital Transformation and change Management: The main ongoing trend is Digital Transformation which is the collaboration of digital marketing strategies and technologies into comprehensive marketing and business activities to design a ‘digital business’.

LifeCycle Marketing Optimization:   With the advent o Lifecycle marketing  it’s become common for  creating a contact strategy and keep engaged with  audiences through email, personalisation, social media and traditional channels through an entire lifecycle of all contacts and contacts.

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