The Benefits Of Social Media For My Business | What Are You Lacking?

Social Media has always been the talk of the town. The use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are not only used as a medium to connect to family or friends but have become a part of a powerful tool to connect the audience to their brand and Vice Versa.

The Benefits Of Social Media For My Business
The Benefits Of Social Media For My Business

Social Media has always been the talk of the town. The use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are not only used as a medium to connect to family or friends but has become a part of a powerful tool to connect the audience to their brand and Vice Versa. The use of TikTok, before the ban, was used as a medium for strugglers to connect to brands so they could audition and as well as act/dance for the audience, to showcase their talent. In a way, this all falls under a broader category called “Business”. Social Media, has been one of the most important and powerful tools in helping businesses reach heights and target audiences.

In recent years, we have seen how the use of Social Signals has become an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. There is no doubt on how a well-planned strategy could take a U-turn for anyone’s success. Since its creation, social media has managed to infiltrate half of the 7.6 billion people in the world. The use of social media platforms has doubled their total user base from 900 million in the year 2010 to 4.81 billion users in the past year.

But, Hold On!! Just having an account isn’t all. This involves solid planning, strategies, paid & unpaid tools, etc. How do you go about it? Who is your target audience? How do you go about understanding about connecting your brand/product/service to these audiences? Well, leave the puzzle to the experts to solve, and by the end of this article – you’d sure have your masterpiece in hand.

Let the game begin!

Why Use Social Media For Your Business?

A web-based and mobile technology that is used to turn naive communications into an interactive dialogue is what Social Media is all about. This interactive dialogue is possible or rather happens between communities, organizations, and individuals. This happens with the help of the internet, which simply lets millions of users connect, and also helped business owners to expand their business or rather promote to people across the globe with the help of web-based applications.

We’re living in such a time where traditional advertising strategies act as a starter on the table, wouldn’t fill your stomach. The use of social media allows you with explicit outreach and networking, and also helps with interactivity. These two hold on to be very beneficial for businesses for many other reasons.

The use of social media has benefitted many business owners, out of which a few are:

1. GoPro

The world’s most versatile camera, which comprises a total of 16.2 million Instagram followers, 2.23 million Twitter followers, over 10.7 million Facebook followers, and a vastly used hashtag (#GoPro).

2. National Geographic

They wouldn’t have accomplished reaching out to so many audiences, just by advertising on TV. The use of social media helped them portray beautiful photographs with informative content. Their Instagram accounts display a whopping 122 million subscribers.

3. Starbucks

Of course, we know about this brand! But did you know? They have over 35 billion followers on Facebook, 11.3 followers on Twitter, and 18.2 million followers on Instagram.

The list can go on!

Of course, we know about this brand! But did you know? They have over a 35billion followers on Facebook, 11.3 followers on Twitter, and 18.2 million followers on Instagram.

Which Social Media Platform Is Lit For Your Business??

Social Media can be one of your company’s best friends and the most profitable marketing channel. The most friendly and excellent way that would help you build brand awareness, connect with your customers and generate leads in the most explicit way that fills your tunnel. But, there are over 60 social media platforms, which one is for you to choose from?

Social Media Marketing

The experts have it all covered for you. We’re going to share a few top social media platforms for business.

1. Facebook

In the year 2020, Facebook was reported to have earned $20.5 billion and a total of $80.9 billion from 12 months prior. This rise has become one of the best ways to find your target audience, build an email list and get customers. One of the most convenient platforms to interact with clients, create private groups, interact, etc.

2. Instagram

What started as a platform for sharing photos, has now outgrown its roots to videos that are called “stories”. Instagram is another best way for brands to display their products, voice, and value. With over 1 billion users every day, Instagram has made it to the top of social media platforms for business.

3. Twitter

Give everyone a Voice, but limit the Noise! The social media platform had an extraordinary marketing strategy that engaged businesses, journalists, celebrities even Presidents use Twitter to share their stores, news articles every day.

4. LinkedIn

One of the most modern social media sites that have taken hold and stuck around. It has now become a networking tool only for professionals and has transformed the way people seek, find, and get hired for jobs.

The Benefits & Statistics of Social Media

Is Social Media Marketing A Thing?

Duh?! Of course, it is.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about meeting your target audience and customers wherever they are, socially interacting with them for/with your brand. Social media marketing benefits you in many ways, out of which a few are:

  • Helps in increasing your brand awareness
  • Helps in generating leads & boost conversions
  • Fosters your relationship with customers
  • You get a better understanding of your competitors.

What Are The Steps Involved Social Media Marketing For My Business Growth?

According to Marketing Sherpa, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to accumulate new sales leads for future conversion.

An ever-increasing demand for high-quality leads has been rising in B2B marketers. According to Google Research, marketers’ lead generation budgets have enormously increased 45% since the year 2013, showing the increasing number of resources that marketers are investing in lead generation initiatives.

Having a brand is like having a powerful weapon to accomplish your business goals. Your customer’s sentimental connection to your company’s mission, values or stories falls into being an effective sales driver. One of the ways to start this connection with clients is using digital communications like social media, article publishing, etc.

What are those Digital Marketing Strategies that can help you?

1. Research your buyer’s persona

Now that you’ve got your information on social media and marketing, your next problem would be HOW? Are you someone who wants to start marketing their business on social media but have no understanding about it? What should you post? How often is it supposed to be? What’s more powerful? The main question – what strategy do I need to follow?

2. Which social platform should you be opting for?

It is mandatory to determine which platforms you will close to share your content on. There’s no right platform that has such, but what lies here is the understanding of what sort of audience lies on that platform. Like the example given above, if you’re into stylish caps and backpacks, you won’t choose LinkedIn.

3. Unique & engaging content

Your followers are not going to stick to your profile if they find something unique on your competitors’ profiles. Having engaging content that completely stands out, provides your viewers with a reason to click that follow button and start a conversation with you right away. With the use of the right Content Marketing Services, you know just what is to be done.

4. Schedule your post

To ensure whether or not your content is shared as it was planed is the right scheduling. There are a few tools that allow you to write great captions, prepare pictures and videos, and help you with the scheduling part in advance. These tools also provide a way to share your content on schedule and monitor all post-interaction for you.

Who Can Help Me With This?

According to research by Techjury, almost 90% of startups are inclined to fail, with almost 20% failing in their first year of existence, and really poor marketing accounts for 14% of the lost business. The right Digital Marketing Company can make or break any organization. Choosing the right one is what will play the right part.

Choosing the right one will only help in improving your ROI on marketing investment through a digital medium. This is done by the experts by carefully analyzing current marketing trends and data on your customers and target audience.

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Social Media Marketing

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