Amazing Web Design Templates to Make Your Website Glamorous

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Give delightful experice to your visitors with a meticulous website designWebsite templates are an aspect of web development services that has struck fear in the hearts of developers and designers alike.Templates are often looked at warily because they are of a generic variety and apparently easy to use.

Even though templates are not preferred by most designers and developers, there are several good ones available which have been done by smart designers. Here are a few web design templates that you can make use of in the next website you are designing.


The Philadelphia or Shopify theme is slightly expensive but it is available with a clutter free and beautiful design. It has four styles available along with umpteen options for customization and a clean code. Much documentation is available as well.

Ness on WordPress

Several modern themes are focused on type and minimalism. However, Ness exhibits more interest in imagery. It is one of the web design templates aimed at individuals who want to create a magazine or photoblog running in a short period. It is mobile friendly and retina ready and feels much like a photo journal application such as Storehouse when used.

Tumblr’s Halcyon

This web design template has been done for Tumblr. It is eye-catching and bold and has a responsible grid based effort. A design team, Pixel Union is dedicated to self-expression, reshaping publishing and website entrepreneurship. It basically means that companies create themes and templates ideal for content management systems.

Bootstrap’s Vitality

Those looking to get a single page, a responsive website which is versatile life, should use Vitality as it is time-saving. You can get the license for as low as $10 and the web design template has 6 sample layouts, 3-page styles, and 10 color schemes. A contact form in PHP along with full-page optional image and video backgrounds and headers have been provided.

Avada in WordPress

Available for $58, Avada is WordPress’ bestselling theme and has a lot of positives. Despite being a third party template, the framework underlying is flexible enough to allow the creation of different design styles. Several user-friendly options and tools have been provided for fine-tuning the site.

Jekyll’s Mediator

Mediator too is focused much on content which is why it is minimalistic and responsive. It supports featured articles and enables usage of header images. It has Font Awesome which allows you to work easily with icon styled fonts.

Perch’s Free Minimal Responsive Theme

Perch is not a product that is much like web design templates in the normal sense. However, a default was created by Laura Kalbag as starting point. The minimal themes designed by Clift Walker are available with similar kinds of thinking. It has some added help for designers to get started using- a sleek and simple foundation.

Tumblr’s Postcards

Postcards are mainly designed for the Flat UI although it includes some depth through subtle shadows. The template also has some fun-filled retro inspired hues. Two layout options have been provided- grid and standard. With $19, you can access custom fonts and colors, social stream integration and support on multiple devices.

User Experience play a crucial role in the success of website

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